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واتساب ايفون الاسود

With the arrival of the dark mode feature for most applications, there is an urgent need to use WhatsApp dark mode on Android, many Android users are unaware of how to use black WhatsApp on Android. in this article, we …

WhatsApp Dark Mode On iPhone

Until now the dark mode didn’t arrive on WhatsApp for iPhone, but you still can enable the dark mode on your WhatsApp by following easy steps to get the dark WhatsApp. The solution is different based on What version your …

حالات واتساب مكتوبة للايفون عبارات مزخرفة

If you are a fan of using WhatsApp, and you like to post WhatsApp statuses such as how you feel today, and your photos. You may sometimes want to publish Written statuses either for famous writers or life quotes that …

translation in whatsapp

Many users around the world are using WhatsApp to chat with each other. Sometimes, it feels hard for some people from different countries to understand each other, so they tend to use translation apps outside WA. The great news is …

Download Two WhatsApp in one phone

Most smartphones have two SIM cards, and this is one of the reasons that encouraged people to search for how to have two WhatsApp in one phone. The thing is you can’t download the official WhatsApp twice on your phone, …

قراءة رسائل الواتس اب دون فتحها

Many users use WhatsApp daily to communicate with their contacts and to exchange photos, videos, and texts. However, users sometimes feel annoyed with receiving a large number of messages daily that they cannot reply to. so, the WhatsApp app includes …

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