Difference Between WhatsApp and WhatsApp Plus

What’s is the Difference Between WhatsApp and WhatsApp Plus

Many users of the official WhatsApp are moving from WhatsApp to WhatsApp Plus, due to the difference between WhatsApp and WhatsApp plus in features such as privacy features and themes, in this article we explain why users prefer WhatsApp Plus over the original WhatsApp.

What is WhatsApp?

It is an instant messaging and chatting application, where you can send pictures and multimedia in addition to the possibility of making voice and video calls, it is available in Google Play Store, the app gets updated periodically, and it is developed by the WhatsApp company owned by Facebook parent company.

What is WhatsApp Plus?

It is a modified version of the green official WhatsApp, there are different versions developed by many developers like Alex and Fouad, WhatsApp Plus has additional features that are not found in the original WhatsApp.

Difference Between WhatsApp and WhatsApp Plus


In the original WhatsApp, you can change the background of the chat but in WhatsApp Plus you can change the whole theme of the WhatsApp with different styles of themes.

Prevent Deleting Messages

Only in WhatsApp Plus, you can prevent others from deleting the messages, even if they deleted any message you will still be able to see it, this feature doesn’t exist in the original WhatsApp.

 difference between WhatsApp and WhatsApp plus
Prevent messages from getting deleted

Can You Change Font Type and Icon in WhatsApp?

In WhatsApp Plus you can change the style of the icon, also for the fonts you have many options of font types to choose between WhatsApp Plus but in the original WhatsApp you can’t change the font type or the icon style.

Can You Share Large Files in WhatsApp?

In WhatsApp the maximum size of any file is 100 MB but in WhatsApp Plus you can share files larger than 100 MB.

Is Official WhatsApp More Secure Than WhatsApp Plus?

WhatsApp Plus is less secure than original WhatsApp since original WhatsApp is on Google Play so it is totally secure, but WhatsApp Plus is not on Google Play so it’s less secure.

Most Important Differences

ComparisonWhatsAppWhatsApp Pls
Hide last seen
Hide blue ticks
Hid “Typing”
Add status longer than 30 sec.
Save status
Auto reply
schedule messages
Clear cache
Turn off internet on WhatsApp only
Hide seeing the status
Available in Google Play

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