download abwhatsapp 2022

Download ABWhatsApp Apk 2022

ABWahtsApp has been very popular recently among WhatsApp Plus users, and that is because the application has many features you won’t find in any version of WhatsApp Plus. When you download ABWhatsApp 2022 you will be able to add statuses for 1 hour, control privacy, and prevent deleting statuses and messages from your friends. In this article, you can download AB WhatsApp Latest version Apk.

What is ABWhatsApp?

ABWhatsApp is a version of WhatsApp plus that has additional features to the original WhatsApp such as control privacy, change chat interface, and home screen interface. AB WhatsApp has 5 versions: Black, Red, Burgundy, Green, and Blue. All of these version works next to the original WhatsApp with a different phone number.

Download ABWhatsApp New Version Apk V21

Black AB WhatsApp

Red AB2 WhatsApp

Burgandy AB3WhatsApp

Green AB4WhatsApp

Blue AB5WhatsApp

Size53 MB

ABWhatsApp Update V21

  • Increase the number of status lines to 1000 instead of 14 lines.
  • Add an option to hide and show the top bar that contains the profile icon.
  • The ability to send any emoji in the interactions to the messages of your choice by pressing the + icon.
Download ABWhatsApp Apk 2022
Choose any Emoji
  • Confirmation message before posting the case.
  • Ghost mode to reject any call.
Update abwhatsapp apk
Ghost mode

ABWhatsApp Features 2022

Control Privacy

You can prevent others from deleting their status and messages, you can also hide the forward sign.

download ab whatsapp black
Privacy Settings

ABWhatsApp Addditions

There are some unique additions you will only find in ABWhatsApp, go to Plus Settings > More Additions. These additions are:

  • Cut Viruses: that means it will cut the long messages and show (add more).
  • Control Home Screen and Chat Screen.
  • Contrl the arcieved chats and hide them.
  • Allow you to add status for 5 minutes.
update green abwhatsapp new version
abwhatsapp features

Change Emoji and Font

You can change the font type and the emoji type to be like iPhone emoji, to do that go to: Plus Settings > WhatsApp Colors and Emoji > Styles.

download abwhatsapp apk latest version
Change emoji and font style

Convert Voice to Text

You can convert voice to text, by going to the chat, and clicking the three dots below, as you can see in the image.

download ab whatsapp black
click three dots

Now choose convert voice to text, then speak and the voice will be converted to text.

 abwhatsapp 2022 download
Convert voice to text

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