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Download AMWhatsApp Apk 2024

WhatsApp Plus applications have become viral among WhatsApp users. One of these copies is AMWhatsApp; this application has all the original WhatsApp features and additional features such as hiding the online status, preventing deleting messages, and many other features you will know when you download AMWhatsApp Apk 2024.

What is AM Whatsapp?

AMWhatsApp is one of the versions of WhatsApp Plus. Basically, it is a modified version of the original WhatsApp. AM WhatsApp has four copies: Pink AM WhatsApp, Red AM2WhatsApp, GReen AM3WahtsApp, and Blue AM4WhatsApp. All these copies work next to the original WhatsApp with a different phone number and all of them have additional features such as downloading WhatsApp status, scheduling messages, and adding auto-reply messages.

Download AM WhatsApp Apk 2024 Latest Version V2.50

All AM WhatsApp copies work perfectly on the same phone next to the original WhatsApp.

AMWhatsApp Pink

AM2WhatsApp Red

AM3WhatsApp Green

AM4WhatsApp Blue

Update Date25/04/2022
Size58 MB

Update AM WhatsApp V2.60

  • Create Avatar just like the official WhatsApp.
    download amwhatsapp
  • The ability to create Communities.
  • Message yourself (save notes)
  • You can Forward Media with a Caption.
  • Post Voice note as status.
    am whatsapp download
  • Add an option to hide the repost status.
  • translate chats in WhatsApp.
    am whatsapp update

AMWhatsApp Features

Privacy Features

When you download AMWhatsApp, you will be able to control privacy more, such as hiding that you are online, limiting who can call you, or preventing statuses from being deleted.

download am whatsapp  2022
Privacy Settings

WhatsApp iOS Style

You can change the interface of WhatsApp to be similar to WhatsApp for iPhone, and you can do this by going to the settings and then the home screen and then from the top bar you will find the option to change the bar to the iOS style.

update am whatsapp
WhatsApp iOS Style

Call Unsaved Numbers

There is an option in AM WhatsApp that enables you to call a number that is unsaved on your phone, you just have to write the number, and you can send a message from the same feature without the need to save the number in your phone.

update am whatsapp 2022
Call Unsaved Numbers

Send Group Messages

There is a feature in AMWhatsApp that allows users to send a group message without showing that the message has been forwarded.

update am whatsapp 2022
Send Group Messages

Conversation Screen Settings

You can control the style of the conversation screen in terms of the color of the bubbles, the font size in the conversations, and change the background of the conversation.

download am whatsapp 2022
Conversation Screen Settings

If you like pink copies and want to download other copies, you can download NA4 WhatsApp.


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