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Download ARWhatsApp Anti Ban Latest Version 2024

AR WhatsApp 2024 is one of the famous WhatsApp plus as it gives users many options to control their privacy. Ar WhatsApp comes in two green versions: ar WhatsApp and ar2 WhatsApp, and they have amazing features. You will find direct links to download Ar WhatsApp, learn how to download ArWhatsApp new version 2024, and the amazing features of ar2 WhatsApp.  

What Is AR WhatsApp 2024?

AR WhatsApp is a modified app of the original WhatsApp by the developer Asim who made two versions of the app. You can have both of them on your phone, but keep in mind that the first one ARWhatsApp works as an alternative to the official WhatsApp, and the second version ar2 WhatsApp 2024 works next to official WhatsApp with a different number. They both have the same features and the same colors.

Download ARWhatsApp 2024 Apk Anti Ban

The developer has solved the ban issue so you can download it without any fear of being banned.

AR WhatsApp 1

This copy of ar WhatsApp apk is an alternative to the original WhatsApp, so you need to delete the official WhatsApp before you download this copy.


ARWhatsApp2 works next to the original WhatsApp on the same phone but with a different phone number.

Info Download ARWhatsApp apk 

Update Date29/06/2024
DeveloperAbo Ra’ad
Size 50.1 MB

How to fix the Crash issue on ARWhatsApp?

To solve this issue, developers have released a fix update, and here is how to do it:

  1. Download the fix update for the version you are using from the link above.
  2. Do not delete the current version on your phone.
  3. Click on the downloaded file and click on update.
  4. Open the app, and you will find that the problem has been solved, and you can use the app as usual.

How can I download WhatsApp AR?

  1. Download any AR WhatsApp latest version copy of your choice from above.
  2. Click on install.
  3. Add your number, and the verification code.
  4. Click on open and enjoy using the app.

ARWhatsApp update Anti Ban 2024

Here is the latest ar2 WhatsApp update:

  • The ability to send and receive media in Full HD.
  • View edited messages and the time the messages were edited.
  • An icon next to “Edited” for users to notice.
    Download ARWhatsApp 2024
  • Pin message for 24hr, 7 days, or 30 days.
  • Enable the ‘Mark As Read’ feature within the chat when the option to hide blue ticks is turned on.
    Update ARWhatsApp
  • The ability to send and save instant video messages that are up to 60 seconds.
  • Share Status on Facebook (Status tab > Status Privacy).

ARWhatsApp Top Features

Post Voice notes as a status

ARWhatsApp lets you now share voice notes to your status. All you have to do is to go to the status section> click on the pen icon> then hold the mic icon and record your voice, and then share it with your contacts.

ar whatsapp
voice notes status

Share Multiple photos to external apps

The official WhatsApp only lets only share one photo with external apps like Instagram or Facebook, but with ARWhatsApp you can share multiple photos, videos, or files at the same time from chat to external apps!

ar whatsapp download
Share multiple photos

React to chats with Emoji

Send any Emoji as a reaction by clicking the + icon, and double-click on any chat to like it.

Download ARWhatsApp apk
Choose any Emoji

Unique Interface

The main interface in WhatsApp ar is different from the original WhatsApp, you will notice there is:

  • The floating button, where you can access your contacts and the settings.
  • Dark mode.
  • Turn off the internet from WhatsApp.
download ar whatsapp apk
Main Interface

High Privacy

  • Prevent anyone from seeing your online status.
  • Hide “forward message”.
  • Hide that you saw your friends’ status.
  • Prevent deleting messages and statuses.
  • Hide blue ticks, second tick, “typing”, and “recording”.
  • Choose the people you want to call you.
  • Activate lock conversation to your chats.
whatsapp ar
Privacy Settings

Messages Options

ARWhatsApp2 allows you to send many photos and videos to many groups at the same time and you can send messages to unsaved numbers as well.

Mass Sender Message

Change the Theme of Ar WhatsApp

There is a theme store full of different themes in ar mods WhatsApp latest version that you can download and use them. You can also go to the Theme category to get more themes.

ar whatsapp 2024
Themes Store

5 Mintures status

AR WhatsApp 2024 lets you put a 5-minute video as a status but keep in mind that only your friends who use WhatsApp plus versions will see the full status, the ones who use the official WhatsApp will only see 30 seconds.

ar whatsapp latest version
Five-minute video

Other Features in AR2 WhatsApp apk

  • Save view once media.
  • Download WhatsApp status.
  • Prevent others from deleting messages.
  • send Autoplay and schedule messages.

AR WhatsApp iOS

AR WhatsApp is only available for Android devices and it can’t be installed on your iPhone. But, we have a version that has the same features as WhatsApp ar Whatsapp which is WhatsApp Gold iOS.

Ar2 WhatsApp Blue

The second version of WhatsApp AR comes in green color, and there is no blue version for Ar WhatsApp. If you want to download a blue WhatsApp we recommend you to download WhatsApp Blue by Abu Arab which has the same features.

Ar WhatsApp Pink

As we mentioned before Ar WhatsApp comes in two versions with green color and there is no pink color in WhatsApp AR. But we offer you a different pink WhatsApp that has amazing features which is Pink WhatsApp.

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