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Download GB WhatsApp pro apk 2023

Many WhatsApp plus copies have the name of GB WhatsApp pro 2023 which has been developed by different developers, so you might get confused about which WhatsApp pro apk is the best and which WhatsApp GB pro you need to download. So in this post, we will explain to you the original WhatsApp GB pro, how to download gbwhatsapp pro latest version, and learn about the new updates inside the app.

What is GB WhatsApp pro?

GB WhatsApp Pro has been developed by the famous developer Alex, the one who is famous for his other copies WhatsApp plus, and OG WhatsApp pro. Alex developed WhatsApp GB pro after he created his famous copy WhatsApp plus, and What makes his GBWhatsApp pro extraordinary is that it’s a stable copy and has no ads inside it. It also contains features that took the app to a higher level, we will discuss them below.

Download GBWhatsApp pro Latest Version 2023

This copy works next to the official WhatsApp with a different number. 

Warning: On Thursday, January 26, 2023, some WhatsApp Plus copies are being banned by WhatsApp. Be cautious when using the app by not sending too many messages and waiting for the ban to end. Once the ban is lifted, use the app again with caution until the developers release new updates for the copies to solve the issue.

Info Download WhatsApp GB Pro 2023

Version 17.20
Update date 29/12/2022
Developer Alex
Size 50 MB
If you see a message when installing that the app will harm your device, just click install anyway.

Download gb whatsapp pro 17.00

Although gb whatsapp pro 17.20 is the gb whatsapp pro latest version that the developer has released, some users are still searching for gb whatsapp pro 17.00 which no longer works that needs to be updated. You can update gbwhatsapp pro v17.20 from the download button above.

How to download WhatsApp GB Pro?

If you want to download gb whatsapp 2023, follow these steps:

  1. Click the download button above to download whatsapp gb.
  2. Enable download from unknown sources > Go to phone settings > Security > Enable download from unknown sources.
  3. Click install.
  4. Enter your phone number and activation code.
  5. Open the app and enjoy the amazing features inside.

GB WhatsApp Pro Update 2023: If you already have the copy installed on your phone and you want to get the latest update. Jump to: gb WhatsApp pro update.

GB WhatsApp pro Update New Version 17.20

Here you can see all the updates after you update my gb whatsapp pro v 17.20.

  • There is a direct Translate icon inside the message box, Long-click to change the language.
    Download GBWhatsApp Pro
  • The ability to Message yourself.
  • You can forward Media with Caption.
  • The ability to post Voice notes as status.
    Download GBWhatsApp Pro
  • A New Camera tab UI.

Features of GB WhatsApp pro 2023

Save Media to Gallery

Everyone shares a lot of photos and videos daily on WhatsApp, and sometimes we don’t want to save all the media we received on our gallery. In WhatsApp GB Pro copy you can choose which media you want to save on your gallery or not, but make sure to turn off the media visibility.    

gb whatsapp pro apk download 2023
Save to Gallery

Copy WhatsApp GB pro Media Caption

With WhatsApp GB Pro 2023 you can easily copy the captions of the media that anyone shares with you. Press long to the photo or the video, and click on the copy caption.

whatsapp gb pro 2023
Copy Photo Caption

Change the theme of GB WhatsApp pro 2023

You might get a little bit bored of seeing the same WhatsApp interface daily, but the great news is that you can change it to the way you want. WhatsApp GB pro allows you to change the theme of WhatsApp GB Pro V17.20 by offering a theme store that has unlimited themes.

gb whatsapp pro apk
Theme Store

Make your GB WhatsApp Pro looks like IOS WhatsApp

It is so easy on GB WhatsApp Pro new version to Change the interface and make it look like ios interface. To do this, Go to WhatsApp GB pro settings> Home Screen> Header >Home UL Style> IOS Style. 

gb whatsapp pro latest Version 2023
IOS Style

Control Your Privacy

There are so many privacy options to control your privacy such as controlling who can call you and when, resending messages without the forward tag, preventing others from deleting messages, etc… 

gb whatsapp pro update
Control Your Privacy

Auto Reply & Schedule Messages 

Unlike the official WhatsApp, There are so many Messages options when using WhatsApp GB pro. For Example, you can send an Auto reply to messages whenever you are busy or you don’t want to reply, and you can schedule your messages to be sent at a specific time. 

As you can see from the photo, you can enable the dark mode on your WhatsApp GB Pro.

gb whatsapp pro apk
Message Options

Other features of gb WhatsApp pro 2023:

  • Different options to lock your WhatsApp.
  • Save view once media.
  • Change the font style.
  • Customize the color of the whole app. 
  • Send a large number of photos, and Videos to many groups all at once.

GB WhatsApp Old Version

Although the latest version of WhatsApp GB pro is WhatsApp GB pro 17.20, some people still looking for old versions such as gb whatsapp pro v9.00, gb whatsapp pro v14.00. Don’t try to download these copies on your phone because they stopped working. Instead, download the gb whatsapp pro latest version from the button above.


What is the original WhatsApp GB Pro?

There are many developers developing GBwhatsapp, so you might be a bit confused as to which one is the original. WhatsApp gb pro from developer Alex is the original as he was the first to create it.

What is the latest version of WhatsApp GB Pro?

Developer Alex always releases new updates for gbwhatsapp 2023 pro apk and the latest update is gbwhatsapp pro v17.20 which you can download from the above button.

Is GBWhatsApp Pro safe to download and install?

GBWhatsApp pro is so safe and secure copy based on the same server as official WhatsApp so all your chats and data are encrypted and protected.

Can I use WhatsApp and GBWhatsApp Pro on the same phone?

Yes, you can download and install gbwhatsapp pro alongside official WhatsApp and use it with a second number.

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Comments 10

Pls, I was unable to download GBwhatsapp Pro the lastest one and I have been trying it for some weeks now and is still not downloading after all the followed instructions,
So how can you help out, because no WhatsApp to use now, the I used is not working again. Thanks

28 August, 2021 | Reply
Sereen Ali

This is very unfortunate, you have to make sure that there is no objection to the WhatsApp Plus program, then click on the download button in the article, if you do not find the solution, contact us.

07 October, 2021 | Reply

After updating my GB Whatsapp plus, i cant open my whatsapp anymore
the notification i get is
“gb WhatsApp keeps stopping”
and it never opens…How can i go about it?

23 February, 2021 | Reply
Anan Ali

you need to update your GBWhatsApp to the new version

20 March, 2021 | Reply

Hello. I have a question.
I am using gbwhatsapp + for more then 3 years i think. I am very happy with it.
Now i have a dualsim mobile phone so. is it possible to use 2 different gbwhatsapp in one mobile phone?
I will be happy if you can help me.

18 January, 2021 | Reply
Anan Ali

Hi Mustafa, I have a solution for you, you can have GBWhatsApp and OGWhatsApp which is another whatsapp plus version for the same developer of GBWhatsApp.
both of them work on the same phone with two different phone numbers.
here you can downoad OGWhatsApp.

20 January, 2021 | Reply

My online toast notification isn’t working on my GBwhatsapp pro. Thereby making it impossible to know when someone is online.

05 January, 2021 | Reply
Anan Ali

This issue was on the previous version v8.75, and the developer fixed it on the new version 9.00, update it to the new version

20 January, 2021 | Reply
Pratham Agrawal

It keeps asking me to update G WhatsApp pro… I’ve v8.75 still….there is no new version available….please answer ASAP…. it’s Urgent…

08 November, 2020 | Reply
Anan Ali

There is a new version of GB WhatsApp Pro v9.00, you can download it from the button above.

23 November, 2020 | Reply

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