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Download GBWhatsApp Apk 2024 Anti Ban

GBWhatsApp is considered one of the best copies of WhatsApp Plus, the version is very stable and anti-ban. When you download GB WhatsApp 2024 you will be able to hide that you are online, and you will download view once media. Here, you can download GBWhatsApp Apk latest version, and you will be able to know how to install GB WhatsApp to your phone.

Download GBWhatsApp new version 2024 Anti Ban

The new update of GBWhatsApp has more Anti-ban protection, especially for the repeated one-hour ban. DON’T delete the old version even if it is banned, just install the new update to not lose your chats.

GBWhatsApp works next to the original WhatsApp with a different phone number.

Application Name GB Whatsapp
Version 17.85
Last Update 23-05-2024
Size 72.11 MB


WhatsApp Plus Kh latest version

There is a new version of WhatsApp Plus, which is WhatsApp Plus Khaled Al-Dhahabi. It is a royal version of WhatsApp that works next to the original WhatsApp with a different phone number, is compatible with the versions of Abu Arab and Asim Mahjoub, and it is without ads or donations to developers. Anti-ban and without losing your conversations, and it is constantly updated.

KhaledWA Plus Update Latest Version 2024

  • Anti-Ban: The WhatsApp company works to combat Plus copies in various ways by blocking the numbers of WhatsApp Plus users, so the developer Khaled is always working to update the WhatsApp Plus version so that it is against the ban.
  • Free, without ads or donation to the developer: You will not be exposed to annoying ads in the 2024 WhatsApp Plus versions.
  • It is constantly updated: Developer Khaled Al-Dahbi continues to update WhatsApp Plus based on user requests
  • Completely secure: All conversations are encrypted and stored on official WhatsApp servers only.
  • WhatsApp Plus Royal supports all the features of WhatsApp Plus, in addition to other additional features such as ghost mode and media settings.
    اخفاء الظهور في واتساب بلس الاحمر 2024
  • Transferring your conversations on Khaled Al-Dhahabi’s WhatsApp without losing them.

What Is GB WhatsApp?

There is more than one version called GBWhatsApp, but the most famous version is GB WhatsApp by AlexMods. GBWhatsApp is a modified version of the original WhatsApp you can have GB WhatsApp next to the original WhatsApp with a different phone number.

GB WhatsApp Second Number

If you are looking to download WhatsApp second number, you can get that by downloading GBWhatsApp and activating it on your device through a second number. Thus, you can get two copies of WhatsApp on the same device, and each copy has a different number.

Update GB WhatsApp New Version 2024

  • Anti-Ban protection for new numbers who didn’t get banned before, and for the old numbers who got banned this Anti-ban protection may not work for all of them.
  • Added the username feature, but it’s not working now, the feature was added now and it will work in the next updates.
    download gbwwhatsapp 2024
  • You can send voice notes as view once.
    download gbwwhatsapp 2024
  • You can search in chat by date/time.
    download gbwhatsapp 2024

GBWhatsApp Features


GB WhatsApp is anti-ban and the version is updated regularly. This ensures that the version will not stop working, but you need to update it manually in order to continue using it.

Privacy Settings

In GBWhatsApp you can hide the second tick, the blue tick, your online status, and choose who can call you from your friends.

gb whastapp update
Privacy Settings

GBWhatsApp iOS Style

You can change the WhatsApp style to be like WhatsApp for iPhone by controlling the settings of the home screen and the top bar and choosing iOS Style.

download gb whatsapp 2022
GBWhatsApp iOS Style

Schedule Messages

You can schedule messages and send them at any time you want, and you can also add an automatic reply to send to your friends in case you are busy.

gbwhatsapp latest version apk
Schedule Messages

Control Chat Screen

There are settings for the chat screen, through which you can control the color of bubbles, notifications, and anything related to the chat screen.

download gbwhatsapp
Chat screen settings

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