download girly whatsapp themes

Download Girly WhatsApp Themes

Many girls would like to change the theme of WhatsApp to more cute and girly themes, in the original WhatsApp you can’t change the theme, unfortunately, but in WhatsApp Plus you can change it, in this article we give you the option to download girly WhatsApp themes 2024.

How to Download Girly WhatsApp Themes ?

Here we will tell you how to download any theme you like and then use it on WhatsApp Plus.

Keep in mind this only works for WhatsApp Plus and not for the original WhatsApp.

First download girly WhatsApp theme from the next button:

After you download the theme from the above button, you need to extract it:

download girly whatsapp themes
Extract Files

Now go to WhatsApp Plus version on your phone, we need to mention that the theme works for any version of WhatsApp Plus.

Here we used GBWhatsApp pro, go to the settings, then to the themes.

download girly whatsapp themes
Click on Themes

Click Load the theme, and choose the theme you want to apply.

cute whatsapp themes for girls
Load Themes

This will open all the files on your phone, remember the location of your theme and choose it, make sure the file format is XML when you click on it.

whatsapp plus themes for girls
choose the theme you want

Now you have a new theme, in the image bellow is the theme we chose.

whatsapp plus themes for girls
Girly WhatsApp Themes

Another Cute Girly Themes

  • Hello Kitty Theme.
  • Candy Love Theme

Download WhatsApp Themes from WhatsApp Plus

Here you will learn how to change your WhatsApp theme, from the application itself, we explained this with images in another article: 

Download WhatsApp Themes.

  1. Open your WhatsApp Plus and go to Mods.
  2. Go to Themes, and then click on Download Themes.
  3. Most version of WhatsApp Plus had their own store for Themes, choose any theme you like, click on it and use it.

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