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Download OBWhatsApp latest version 2022

OB WhatsApp is one of the most known versions of WhatsApp plus, this version brings many features that are missed in the official WhatsApp such as preventing others from deleting messages and statuses, it is also ad-free and anti-ban, you can change the theme of your WhatsApp the way you like it, and you can hide the blue ticks and the second tick, all that and more you can have after you download OBWhatsApp 2022 Latest version, you will also learn how to update OB WhatsApp Apk.

Download OBWhatsApp Apk 2022 Latest Version V38

Update date10/10/2022
DeveloperOmar Badeeb
Size58 MB

How to Update OB Whatsapp 2022?

If you want to update OB Whatsapp to the last version V38, then follow the next steps:

  1. When you open the app, the update message will appear.
  2. Download the latest version of OB WhatsApp from the button above.
  3. After you are done downloading, open the app.
  4. Restore your backed-up messages and media.
  5. Now if a message with the new features appeared that means you updated the app successfully.

OB WhatsApp New Update V38

  • You can share multiple photos or videos from the chat to external applications with one click.
    download obwhatsapp apk 2022
  • You can specify who can see you online by going to settings, then privacy, then last seen and online.
  • Activate quick reactions to WhatsApp statuses.
    download obwhatsapp apk 2022
  • Add an option to translate text statuses.

OBWhatsApp Top Features

Burgundy Interfaces

The most unique feature is the color of WhatsApp, you will notice that all the interfaces of OB WhatsApp carry the color burgundy.

ob whatsapp download apk
Burgundy Interfaces


  • Hide your online status and the last seen.
  • Hide “Typing” and “Recording”, when you type or record ant audio.
  • Prevent others from deleting their messages.
  • See others’ status without them knowing.
  • Prevent others from deleting their status.
ob whatsapp update 2022
privacy settings ob WhatsApp

OB WhatsApp Themes

There is a store that has over 4000 themes, also there is an option to apply a theme outside the theme store in obwhastapp 2022.

download obwhatsapp latest version 2022
OB WhatsApp Themes

Add Auto Reply

You can add an automatic reply to any message that contains certain words, and you can set the time that you would like to activate this auto reply.

download ob whatsapp apk 2022
Add Auto Reply

Back Up Chats

You can back up your chats and data regularly to be safe if any update happens, this way you will never lose them when you delete ob WhatsApp.

ob whatsapp latest version
Back Up Chats

Other Copies of OB WhatsApp 2022

There are other copies of OB WhatsApp other than this one, they are similar in function but they are different in the color: OB2WhatsApp Pink, and OB3WhatsApp Blue.

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