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Download OGWhatsApp Pro Anti Ban Apk 2023

Users feel limited when using official WhatsApp as it offers only limited features and they are eager for more. Therefore, they start using WhatsApp plus versions which offer them many amazing features and high levels of privacy. One of these versions is OG WhatsApp new version by Alexmods, which includes everything the user wants. In this article, you will find a link to download OGWhatsApp pro latest version, learn how to update OG WhatsApp 2023, and see OGWhatsApp v17.76 features.   

What is OG WhatsApp pro?

OG WhatsApp pro is a modified version of the official WhatsApp by the famous developer Alex who also designed WhatsApp plus and gb WhatsApp pro that include awesome features you may like. Give them a try and tell us in the comments what do you think of them. OG WhatsApp pro offers amazing features such as hiding forward tags, preventing others from deleting messages, and changing the theme.

Download OGWhatsApp Pro apk V17.76 Anti Ban

The new update of OGWhatsApp has more Anti-ban protection, especially for the repeated one-hour ban. DON’T delete the old version even if it is banned, just install the new update to not lose your chats.

You can download OGWhatsApp next to the official WhatsApp with a different number.

Info Download OG WhatsApp pro apk

Application Name OGWhatsApp Pro
Version 17.76
Last Update 16-02-2024
Size 76.32 MB

How to Download OG WhatsApp?

  1. Click on the download button above.
  2. Enable the download from unknown sources. Phone settings> Security> Enable the download from unknown sources.
  3. Click on install once you have downloaded OGWA.
  4. When a warning message appears that ogwhatsapp pro may hurt your device, just ignore it.
  5. Enter your phone number and start texting your friends.

How can I update my WhatsApp OG?

If You want to update og WhatsApp, follow these steps:

  1. Download OGWhatsApp pro Latest Version v17.52 from the button above.
  2. Don’t delete the current version of OGWA.
  3. Click install and enjoy using OGWhatsApp pro.

Download OG WhatsApp v19.41.1 apk

Some users are looking for a link to download OG WhatsApp v19.41.1. Don’t try to download this copy even if you find it online because the developer stopped developing the copy and it doesn’t work anymore. We offer you a copy that works perfectly and has amazing features and no ads on it from the button above.

Update OG WhatsApp New Version

  • A new setup to control your privacy the way you want.
    Download OGWhatsApp Plus
  • The ability to share your screen in video calls.
    Download OGWhatsApp Plus
  • Link your WhatsApp account on four different devices.
  • Pin messages in private chats and receive pinned messages from others.
  • Option to transfer chats between phones without using Google Drive (Settings > Chats).
  • Backup and restore feature for media (images and videos). Go to Settings> Universal > Backup and Restore.
  • locked conversations can be enabled by visiting the Chat Info page and selecting Lock.

Features of OG WhatsApp Pro 2023

Save View Once Media

You can save your friends’ status and control whether you want them to know you’ve seen it or not.

download og whatsapp pro apk 2023
Save Status

Freeze your Last Seen

Alexmods in OG WhatsApp pro v17.52 gives you options for controlling your privacy such as freezing your last seen, controlling who can call you, etc.

download og whatsapp pro latest version
Freeze Last seen

Schedule your Messages

You can schedule messages when you download ogwhatsapp pro on your android device. For example, if you want to send someone a birthday wish but you don’t want to miss it, you can schedule your message and choose the time and date.

Download og whatsapp pro 2023
Message Scheduler

Theme store

OGWhatsApp pro has a theme store that contains more than 4000 themes that can be applied to your phone. If you wish to download more themes, check out our theme category where you can find countless themes.

download og whatsapp pro Apk
Theme Store

Text Unsaved Numbers

It is possible to send messages to unsaved numbers with WhatsApp og pro, unlike the official WhatsApp, which asks you to save the number first.

update og whatsapp pro latest version
Send Messages to unsaved numbers

How to solve OGWhatsApp Plus Banned Account?

WhatsApp company started to ban some users’ accounts so some users have been subjected to a permanent or temporary ban.

Temporary ban

OGWhatsApp Plus antiban
Temporary ban

Your account will be banned for a few hours or days, and a countdown timer will appear on the screen. The ban will be lifted automatically once the time finishes.

Things to do after lifting the temporary ban:

  • Be cautious when using the app by not sending too many messages.
  • Avoid forwarding and spam messages to all members all at once.
  • Update the app once the developer releases a new version.
  • As a team specialized in WhatsApp, we recommend using the official version during this time to avoid account bans. Here is the link to download official WhatsApp. Before uninstalling WhatsApp Plus, make sure to backup your data for future restoration

Permanent ban

OGWhatsApp Plus antiban
WhatsApp Plus permenant ban

If you’ve been permanently banned, the only way to regain access to your account is by contacting WhatsApp support or using a new number. You can reach technical support through the support page.

Other Features in OGWhatsApp

  • It is possible to customize the home screen by changing the colors, the size, and the design.
  • You have different options for locking WhatsApp og pro.
  • Change the emoji style and the font type as well.
  • Set dark mode and disable the internet only for the app.

OG WhatsApp old version

Many users still try to download OG WhatsApp old version like og whatsapp pro v8.40 and ogwhatsapp pro v8.25 on their phones. However, you should be aware that neither of these versions works anymore and we have provided you with the latest version of OG WhatsApp.


Is OGWhatsApp safe?

You don’t need to worry if you want to use OGWhatsApp because it is a safe and secure copy. All your chats and data are encrypted and protected.

Is OGWhatsApp available for my iOS device?

No, OG WhatsApp is a cony that’s only designed for Android devices and can’t be installed on IOS devices.

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