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Download TM WhatsApp 2023 Apk

WhatsApp Plus versions have features that you can’t find in the original WhatsApp, that’s why many users prefer using WhatsApp Plus over the original WhatsApp. One of WhatsApp Plus’s versions is TM WhatsApp Titus Mukisa. When you download TMWhatsApp latest version apk you will be able to change the tm whatsapp apk theme to be like WhatsApp iPhone. Also, with tm whatsapp new version you can manage who can call you, and of course, you will be able to manage your privacy more.

What Is TM WhatsApp?

TM WhatsApp 2023 is one of the WhatsApp Plus copies for the developer Titus Mukisa. TM WhatsApp has one copy that works as a second WhatsApp next to the original WhatsApp with a different phone number. It has features such as hiding your online status, hiding the second reading tick, and changing WhatsApp theme.

Download TMWhatsApp Latest Version 2023

TMWhatsApp latest version 2023 works as a second WhatsApp next to the original WhatsApp with a second phone number.

Info TMWhatsApp V8.50

Update Date02/04/2023
DeveloperTitus Mukisa
Size55 MB

How to Download tm WhatsApp latest version?

If you want to download TM WhatsApp lite, follow these steps:

  1. Download tm whatsapp apk from the button above.
  2. Enable downloading from unknown sources. Go to Phone Settings > Security > Enable download from unknown sources.
    tm whatsapp latest version
  3. It takes time to download the app. Then click install.
    tm whatsapp update
  4. Enter your phone number and activation code.
  5. Open the app and enjoy the app features.

How can I update my TMWhatsApp?

If the app is already installed on your phone and want to update tm whatsapp, follow these steps:

  • Download the latest version of tm whatsapp 2023 from above.
  • Don’t delete the current copy on your phone.
  • Click on install and enjoy the new features.

TM WhatsApp Update 2023

Here are the latest features on the new update TM WhatsApp 2023:

  • High protection from banning.
  • New design for sending messages to unsaved numbers that is easier to use.
    download tm whatsapp
  • Options to hide the Save and Mark Seen buttons on the status page.
  • New option to edit messages.
    download tm whatsapp
  • Load custom font from the phone device: (Select “Custom” from font style, then use Load font option).
  • No need to back up manually because there will be a daily backup for chats.
  • Enable Proxy settings for countries that are banned from WhatsApp.

TMWhatsApp Features

Increase Status Length

You can increase the length of the status to 5 minutes, this feature you can also find in KBWhatsApp, for more information go to Download KBWhatsApp Apk.

TM WhatsApp latest version
Add long status

Control Privacy

When download TM WhatsApp 2023 new version, you can control your privacy such as: hide online status, hiding the second tick, and hiding that you are typing or recording audio.

TM WhatsApp download APK
Control Privacy

iPhone Theme

You can change the style of the home screen to be like WhatsApp iPhone, by going to TM Mods > Home Screen > Header > Home UI Style, and then choosing IOS Style. If you want an identical version of WhatsApp plus to WhatsApp iPhone, go to: Download MBWahtsApp ios.

update TM WhatsApp
Home screen ios style

Switch Accounts

You can add 5 accounts in TM WhatsApp and switch between them, but they must be with 5 different numbers.

download tmwhastapp new version
add accounts in tmwhastapp

Auto Reply and Schedule Messages

You can add an auto-reply to the messages, you can also schedule messages any time you want.

download tmwhastapp apk
auto reply to messages

Other Features of TM WhatsApp

  • View Wahtsapp statuses without the others knowing.
  • Change the style of the floating button.
  • Manage who can call you.
  • View any changes your contacts do on thier profiles.
  • Stop the internt off of Wahtsapp only.

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