Download WhatsApp Abo Sadam 2024 Anti Ban

WhatsApp Abo Sadam is considered one of the amazing whatsApp plus versions as it comes in four different copies that you can use all of them at the same time. All WhatsApp abo Sadam copies are blue and carry amazing features. Continue reading to learn how to download WhatsApp Abo Sadam latest version 2024 and know all the new features in the app.    

Abo2sadam Official Website

WhatsApp Abo Sadam is a modified version of the official WhatsApp. It comes in four different blue copies. All copies are the same in terms of the icon color and features but the first copy is an alternative version of the official WhatsApp so if you want to download it, make sure to delete the official WhatsApp.

WhatsApp plus Abo Sadam 2024 Anti Ban

In the recent update, the developer solved the issue of temporary bans and made the expiration dates longer.

Here are direct links to download WhatsApp abo sadam rifa3i. All copies work next to the official WhatsApp, except for the first copy, which can’t be downloaded next to the official WhatsApp.

Download WhatsApp Abo Sadam

To download this version, you need to delete the official WhatsApp.

Download WhatsApp+2

This second version works next to the official WhatsApp and runs a second number.

Download WhatsApp+3

This third version works next to the official WhatsApp and runs a third number.

Download WhatsApp+4

This fourth version works next to the official WhatsApp and runs a fourth number. To Download whatsapp+4 free, Click on the button.

Info WhatsApp Abo Sadam

Version V11.56
Update date9/09/2023
DeveloperAbo Sadam Al-Rifai
Size 51.7 MB

How to download WhatsApp Abo Sadam?

  1. Download any copy of abosadam WhatsApp of your choice from above.
  2. It takes time to be downloaded, then click on install.
  3. Don’t forget to enable the download from unknown sources > phone settings> security > enable the download from unknown sources.
  4. Enter your phone number and the activation code.

Update WhatsApp Abo Sadam V 11.56

  • The ability to send and receive media in Full HD.
  • View edited messages and the time the messages were edited.
    Download Abo Sadam WhatsApp
  • The ability to send and save instant video messages that are up to 60 seconds.
  • An icon next to “Edited” for users to notice.
  • Enable the ‘Mark As Read’ feature within the chat when the option to hide blue ticks is turned on.
    Update WhatsApp Abo Sadam
  • Pin message for 24hr, 7 days, or 30 days.
  • Share Status on Facebook (Status tab > Status Privacy).

Features of WhatsApp Abo Sadam

To show you the features, we used the second copy of abo sadam whatsapp, but you can use any copy as all copies have the same features.

Save View Once Media

You can save view once photo on your phone, and you can view them many times without the noticing of your Friends.

abo sadam whatsapp 2024
View Once Photo

Control your privacy

WhatsApp Plus Abo Sadam gives you different options to control your privacy, such as:

  1. Freeze last seen.
  2. Open view once media many times.
  3. Disable Forwarded.
  4. Control who can call you.
download whatsapp plus abo sadam
Control Your Privacy

Five minutes status

You can post a status longer than five minutes, but only WhatsApp Plus users will see the full status. 

abo2sadam whatsapp plus
Five minutes status

View all Messages in groups

You can view all messages sent by a group member by clicking long on their name.

download whatsapp plus abo sadam
See all Messages

Auto Reply& Message Scheduler

whatsapp abo2sadam plus offers different messaging options, where you can send scheduled messages at certain times, and you can also add automatic responses to messages.

Update WhatsApp Abo Sadam
Message options

iPhone Emojis

You can change the emoji to the ones in the iPhone versions, by going to Abo Sadam Additions > Settings > Style and Look.

Download WhatsApp Abo Sadam 2024
iPhone emojis

Other blue WhatsApp Versions

If you are a fan of blue color, here is another Whatsapp plus called WhatsApp blue Abo Arab. It has amazing features such as saving WhatsApp status and preventing others from deleting messages. Give it a try, and tell us in the comments if you like it or not.

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