download whatsapp plus blue 2022

Download WhatsApp Plus Blue 2022

WhatsApp Plus Blue is one of the most famous copies of WhatsApp Plus. The blue WhatsApp messenger is popular because of the many additional features it has and also because of the color and style of WhatsApp. Here in this article, you will find everything that is related to the blue WhatsApp Plus app from how to download WhatsApp blue plus latest version 2022 apk to update WhatsApp plus blue, and even an explanation of the best features of blueWAplus 9.45.

What is WhatsApp Plus Blue?

Blue WhatsApp Apk is a modified version of the original WhatsApp, but that works next to the original Whatsapp with no issues, What is so special about blue plus Whatsapp 2022 is the bp whatsapp theme of the WhatsApp. Some of the features of blueWAPlus are downloading view once media, preventing messages from getting deleted, and hiding your online status. There is another famous version of blue WhatsApp Plus for HeyMods, to download it go to: Download WhatsApp Plus HeyMods.

Download WhatsApp Plus Blue New Version 2022

BlueWAPlus WhatsApp download works next to the original WhatsApp, so you don’t have to delete WhatsApp, here is blue whatsapp link.

Size51.7 MB
Update Date20/10/2022

How can I download WhatsApp plus blue?

To download blue whatsapp plus latest version, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the download button above.
  2. Enable the download from unknown sources, go to your phone settings> security>enable the download from unknown sources.
  3. It takes time for Blue plus WhatsApp to be downloaded.
  4. Click now on install.
  5. Enter your phone number and the activation code.
  6. Open WhatsApp blue plus and enjoy the feature inside it.

What to do if blue WhatsApp plus got banned?

If your blue WhatsApp is temporarily banned, here are some solutions to unblock your blue WhatsApp plus. You can wait for WhatsApp to unblock your account automatically or you can contact support. To learn more about the other solutions, go to Activate Banned WhatsApp.

Install WhatsApp Plus 2

WhatsApp plus blue is WhatsApp plus 2 since you can have it as a second WhatsApp next to the original WhatsApp but with a different number, so you don’t need to delete the original WhatsApp to have WhatsApp Plus blue.

Blue WhatsApp Update Latest Version 9.45

  • Add an option to preview images before saving them to your gallery.
  • Add an option to create polls in groups.
    blue whatsapp plus latest version
  • New repost option for WhatsApp status.
    whatsapp plus blue
  • Added Select default “translate to” language in convos (PlusMods > Universal > Settings). Less steps, Faster translation.

Top Features of WhatsApp Blue Plus

Privacy Contol in Blue WhatsApp

When you download blue WhatsApp new version you will be able to control your privacy more such as control who can call you, hide the blue ticks, hide the second tick, and hide your online status.

blue whatsapp download 2022 new version
Privacy control in Blue WhatsApp

Message unsaved number in BP WhatsApp

You can send a message to an unsaved number from the settings on the side.

download whatsapp plus blue
Send a message to an unsaved number

Change WhatsApp Blue to iPhone Style

You can change the emoji in WhatsApp messenger blue color to be like iPhone emojis.

whatsapp blue plus latest version
WhatsApp iOS emoji

You can also change the upper bar to be like iPhone, you can do that from blue settings > Home screen > Header, then choose iOS style.

blue whatsapp download 2022 new version
iOS Style for home screen

If you want a copy of WhatsApp Plus that is more similar to WhatsApp iPhone, go to Download MBWhatsApp ios.

Customize Conversation

You can customize your conversation and chats like the size of the bubble, the style of the ticks, and the color of the chat.

bluewaplus update
customize the conversation screen

Download Blue WhatsApp GB

A lot of users are looking for blue WhatsApp GB, there is a version called GBWhatsApp Blue, this version is very similar yo WhatsApp blue but the name is gb whatsapp plus blue.

Downlaod Blue WhatsApp Old Version

You might search for blue WhatsApp 8.40 or 8.60 or 9.90, or even some people search for WhatsApp blue 2019 or blue WhatsApp 2018. We can offer you all these versions but none of them will be working, so the best solution is to download blue WhatsApp latest version 2022.

Other Copies from the Developer:

Download whatsapp plus blue 2023

Some users are looking for blue plus whatsapp 2023 referring to the latest version of whatsapp blue plus which is available from the link above. You should know that we update the version regularly as soon as the developer releases a new update. 

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