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Download WhatsApp plus V17.85 Anti Ban 2024

Do you know why you should download WhtsApp Plus 2024? because if you are sick of WhatsApp exposing your privacy or not being able to hide the second tick or saving your friends’ statuses and the list goes on about the features you wish WhatsApp has.

When you download WhatsApp Plus v17.85 apk to enjoy all the features we mentioned and even more, we also offer you all the new updates of WhatsApp Plus V17.85 new version 2024.

What Is WhatsApp Plus 2024?

It is a modified version of the original WhatsApp, WhatsApp Plus has many features the users of WhatsApp always wished to have like hiding online status and changing the WhatsApp theme, the version of WhatsApp Plus we talk about here is by the developer Alex, who is one of the most famous developers in the WhatsApp Plus world.

Download WhatsApp Plus V17.85 Anti Ban

The new update of WhatsApp Plus has more Anti-ban protection, especially for the repeated one-hour ban. DON’T delete the old version even if it is banned, just install the new update to not lose your chats.

whatsapp plus apk v17.85

WhatsApp plus is an alternative version of the original WhatsApp. To download WhatsApp Plus, make sure to remove the original WhatsApp first, but before that, you need to backup your data. So when you install WhatsApp Plus v17.85 new version, you can restore your chats and media.

Application Name WhatsApp Plus
Version 17.85
Last Update 23-05-2024
Size 72.09 MB

If you see a message when installing that the app will harm your device, just click install anyway.

WhatsApp Plus v17

Although WhatsApp plus v17.85 is the latest version that the developer has released, some users are still searching for WhatsApp plus v17 which no longer works that needs to be updated. You can update it from the download button above.

Update WhatsApp Plus V17.85 Latest Version 2024

To know more about WhatsApp Plus update 2024, go to Update WhatsApp Plus.

  • A new setup to control your privacy the way you want.
    Download WhatsApp plus
  • The ability to share your screen in video calls.
    Download WhatsApp plus
  • Link your WhatsApp account on four different devices.
  • Pin messages in private chats and receive pinned messages from others.
  • Option to transfer chats between phones without using Google Drive (Settings > Chats).
  • Backup and restore feature for media (images and videos). Go to Settings> Universal > Backup and Restore.
  • locked conversations can be enabled by visiting the Chat Info page and selecting Lock.

How To Install WhatsApp Plus apk 2024?

  • Download WhatsApp + from the link above.
  • Whatsapp plus is a modded version so you can’t find it in stores, and you will get it as an apk version. Thus, you might encounter issues while downloading WhatsApp plus:
  • Make sure to enable download from unknown sources. Phone settings > security > unknown sources.
  • Enter your phone number.
  • Restore the backed up chats and media.
  • Note that this version of WhatsApp plus is not blue, but you can download blue whatsapp plus apk for android and enjoy its blue themes.

Top Features of WhatsApp Plus


In WhatsApp, you can only change the wallpaper background, but you can’t change the theme, on the other hand, if you have WhatsApp Plus you have the option to choose between a lot of themes, the store has over 4000 themes.

Download WhatsApp Plus 2024
WhatsApp Plus Theme


WhatsApp Plus gives you the option to choose between many types of emojis such as Facebook emojis and iOs emojis.

Download WhatsApp Plus Emoji
WhatsApp iPhone emojis


  • Hide online status.
  • Hide blue ticks and the second tick.
  • Lock WhatsApp with pattern or fingertip.
  • Hide “Forward” when sending messages.
  • Hide “Typing” and “Recording”.
  • Prevent deleting messages and statuses.
Download WhatsApp Plus apk Latest Version
WhatsApp+ freeze last seen

Change Interface

You can customize the chat interface any way you want it, by changing the font type, icon color, and style, you can do that from Plus Settings:

  • The Main interface: hide any icon you want, and move the bar down.
  • Chats: change the color of the bubble color and the background color.
  • Design: control the font type and the icon style.
  • Widget: control Whatsapp notifications.

Pin Chats

In the official WhatsApp, you only can pin 3 chats, but in WhatsApp Plus you have no limit to pin any number of chats.

Download WhatsApp Plus Latest Version
Pinned Messages

Save WhatsApp Status

You can save any status whether it is a picture or a video, you also can choose if you want your friends to know that you saw their statuses or not.

Download WhatsApp Plus v 14
Save WhatsApp Plus Status

WhatsApp Plus Airplane mode

WhatsApp Plus offers you the option to turn off your internet only in the app. To activate the airmode, Click on the WiFi icon.

Download WhatsApp Plus apk
Airplane Mode

Other Features in WhatsApp Plus

  • Activate dark mode.
  • Turn off the internet from WhatsApp only.
  • Send a message to unsaved number.
  • Floating button, where you can access the settings easier.

Download Old WhatsApp Plus

WhatsApp Plus V8.75

There is an expiration date on every new version of WhatsApp plus, and after the expiration date, the version will stop installing automatically. The old version 8.75 of WhatsApp Plus does not work, even though many people still search for it. We can provide you with its link, but it will not work on your device.

WhatsApp Plus v10

When you want to download WhatsApp Plus v10 2021, it will not work as it ends. This applies to WhatsApp Plus V12, WhatsApp Plus V13.50 as well.

Download Whatsapp Plus for iPhone

You might be wondering how to download WhatsApp for iOS, or whether Whatsapp plus is available for iPhone? The answer to your question is YES. You can download WhatsApp plus for iPhone either WhatsApp Gold iOS or WhatsApp++ for iPhone.

How to solve WhatsApp Plus Banned Account?

WhatsApp company started to ban some users’ accounts so some users have been subjected to a permanent or temporary ban.

Temporary ban

download whatsapp plus anti-ban
Temporary ban

Your account will be banned for a few hours or days, and a countdown timer will appear on the screen. The ban will be lifted automatically once the time finishes.

Things to do after lifting the temporary ban:

  • Be cautious when using the app by not sending too many messages.
  • Avoid forwarding and spam messages to all members all at once.
  • Update the app once the developer releases a new version.
  • As a team specialized in WhatsApp, we recommend using the official version during this time to avoid account bans. Here is the link to download official WhatsApp. Before uninstalling WhatsApp Plus, make sure to backup your data for future restoration

Permanent ban

download whatsapp plus anti-ban
WhatsApp Permanent Ban

If you’ve been permanently banned, the only way to regain access to your account is by contacting WhatsApp support or using a new number. You can reach technical support through the support page.


How to download WhatsApp Plus blue?

To download WhatsApp Plus blue, go to the download button above and download it, this version is an alternative to the original WhatsApp, so you need to download the original WhatsApp before you download WhatsApp Plus blue.

Why can’t I install WhatsApp Plus on my cell phone?

If you can’t install Whatsapp Plus on your phone you might be downloading an old version of WhatsApp Plus or the version of WhatsApp Plus is an alternative to the original WhatsApp so you need to delete the original Whatsapp before you install WhatsApp Plus.

What is the most secure WhatsApp Plus?

Some versions of WhatsApp Plus might put you in danger of getting banned, but WhatsApp Plus for AlexMods is one of the most secure versions of WhatsApp Plus.

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