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Download WhatsApp plus HeyMods 21.20 Apk

WhatsApp Plus has been very popular among users of WhatsApp, they like it because it had additional features they can’t find in the official WhatsApp. One of the most popular copies of WhatsApp Plus is the version by HeyMods. Here you can download WhatsApp Plus 21.20 latest version, and learn how to get all the updates of WhatsApp Plus Heymods 2022.

Download WhatsApp Plus 21.20 Latest Version 2022

Don’t try to download WhatsApp Plus 21.20 as it doesn’t work anymore! The developer Heymods stopped developing it. if you want to download an alternative for the copy go and download FM WhatsApp because it looks like WhatsApp Heymods and has the same features.

Update Date5/07/2022
size53.8 MB
Download WhatsApp Plus
WhatsApp stops Working

A couple of days ago, The developer Heymods announced on his telegram that he will stop developing his heymods copies and he will transform his copy to FM WhatsApp. Keep in mind that his WhatsApp will stop working within the upcoming 11 days specifically on 28/7/2022.

So if you don’t want to lose your chats, you have to start using another WhatsApp plus copy.

What to do to not lose your Heymods WhatsApp chats?

  1. Before you download another copy, you have to make a backup to your chats first.
  2. Go to WhatsApp setting, then chats, and click on chat back up.
  3. After you install another WhatsApp app, the app will ask you if you would like to restore your chats or not. Make sure to click YES.
  4. By following these steps, you have successfully transformed your heymods WhatsApp chats into another WhatsApp plus copy.

What Is WhatsApp Plus HeyMods?

WhatsApp Plus is a modified version of the original WhatsApp. This copy is developed by HeyMods, and What makes it special is that the developer constantly updates the application, so the users can’t get banned or lose their chats, but a downside for this version is that had ads on it, and this is the only WhatsApp Plus version who has adds on the app. If you are interested to have it you need to delete the official WhatsApp before downloading WhatsApp Plus 21.20 apk.

How to Update WhatsApp Plus?

You can update WhatsApp Plus by heymods from the button above, don’t delete the previous version on your phone, download this on top of it, and then install it to make sure you don’t lose your chats.

OR you can go to WhatsApp Plus Setting >> scroll down and click on Upgrade WhatsAppPlus, it shows you there if you have the latest version or you need to update it, just click on Download and it will install the new update for you.

WhatsApp Plus update 2022
Update Whatsapp Plus Heymods

For more information about WhatsApp Plus updates, go to UpdateWhatsapp Plus.

WhatsApp Plus HeyMods Update 21.20

  • The ability to your messages with a set of emojis.
Download WhatsApp plus HeyMods
Emoji Reactions
  • The ability to Copy and Forward Captions.
WhatsApp plus heymods
Copy Caption
  • Pause and resume voice recordings.
  • In the latest update of WhatsApp plus 21.20 you will be able to have chat heads just like the Messenger app, to activate this option go to WhatsAppPlus Settings > Universal Settings > Turn on Chat Heads.
Download WhatsApp Plus latest version
Chat Heads on Whatsapp

Why Should you Use WhatsApp Plus by HeyMods?

If you download WhatsApp Plus 21.20 you will have many amazing features, we will mention the best of them here, and the rest you can explore by yourself when you use the application.

Privacy Settings

Just like all the other copies of WhatsApp plus, you can control your privacy more such as control who calls you, hide your online status, hide your typing status, prevent others from deleting their messages, and remove the second tick.

download whatsapp plus heymods
Privacy Settings

Theme Store

WhatsApp Plus 21.20 has a unique theme store, that has many different themes for WhatsApp Plus, you can choose between them and apply them to your WhatsApp.

 whatsapp plus heymods new version
Theme Store

Customize Call Interface

You can customize the interface of the call interfaces, there are many themes of the interface of the calls.

 whatsapp plus heymods new version
Change phone interface

Font Store

You can change the font of WhatsApp, in this store, there are many different fonts such as the iPhone font and many others fonts you can choose from.

Download WhatsApp Plus latest version
Font store

Back-Up Chats

To not lose your chats you can back up them manually and restore them whenever you delete WhatsApp Plus.

WhatsApp Plus update 2022
Back-Up Chats


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