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WhatsApp Plus is a modified app from the official WhatsApp, which includes new and additional features such as

 online hiding, preventing messages from being deleted, changing the theme, scheduling messages, and customizing the appearance of the screen, etc. 

In fact, there are many versions of WhatsApp Plus, and each version has its own developer. 

You can see here all the versions of it made by foreign developers as well as Arab developers.

You will be able to download any version of it via a direct link for free.

Some of the popular apps in this category are: WhatsApp Gold, WhatsApp Blue, WhatsApp Red, OB WhatsApp, and others

download btwhatsapp apk 2020

Download BTWhatsApp 2020 Latest version for android

download alaskar whatsapp 2020

WhatsApp Alaskar by Mahmoud Alaskar is one of WhatsApp plus versions that come with different colorful copies. Ak WhatsApp 2022 is really secure and no

download kiwhatsapp plus 2020

While WhatsApp is one of the most popular applications out there, users are still not satisfied with it due to some issues, so they are

download coocoo whatsapp 2020

WhatsApp Plus has gained huge popularity in a short time, because of all the additional features WhatsApp Plus has that don’t exist in the official

Download YM WhatsApp

YMWhatsApp is one of the newest WhatsApp plus copies among users these days as users tend to use WhatsApp plus copies instead of the official

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