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GB WhatsApp Pro 2021 is a modified version of WhatsApp, and it is considered one of the best versions of WhatsApp Plus, because it has many amazing features such as the ability to change the appearance of WhatsApp Pro, the ability to save the status, from the next paragraph you can download gbwhatsapp pro latest version 13.50.

Download GBWhatsapp Pro 2021 apk

Info GB WhatsApp Pro Download

Market Version2.21.11.17
Size45 MB

How to Install gbwhatsapp pro

WhatsApp Pro GB is unavailable on Google Play, so you have to download GBWhatsApp with Apk form, follow the next steps:

  • Activate download from unknown sources, from your phone Settings go to Special access, then activate it.
  • Allow installing from this source, this will not show to every device, if it did then click allow.

What to do if you get banned?

Back up your chats, then delete the GB WhatsApp version and install the latest update of GB Pro from the download button above, and you will get rid of the temporary ban.

GBWhatsApp Pro V13.50

GBWhatsApp Pro V12
GBWhatsApp Pro V13.50
  • bese update
  • new option to download story “copy caption, share, etc”.
  • new option to download story “copy caption, share, etc”.
  • Themes store Dark/Light mode automatically.
  • Option to hide privacyterms notice msg.
  • translation for voice changer options.
  • copy caption from long press to download options.
  • Fixed contact name not showing clearly in caption mention.

What’s New in GB Pro Update?

GB WhatsApp V11
GB WhatsApp V11
  1. Base Update

GBWahtsApp V10

download gbwhatsapp pro
GBWhatsApp Pro V.10.00
  1. Update the market version to
  2. New user interface design in GB WhatsApp Pro.
  3. Change between light and dark mode by default.
  4. New style for the status in gbwhatsapp pro, now it looks like IG story.
  5. Change the bottom bar style.
  6. Fixed the issue in WhatsApp Pro when the contact picture is not shown in the group.

Top Features of WhatsApp GB Pro


  • Hide seen, blue ticks and second tick.
  • Hide “typing”, and hide “recording”.
  • Prevent the messages from being deleted.
  • Stop showing “Forward Message”.
  • Lock the application.
Download gbwhatsapp pro 2021
privacy settings

Dark Mode and Turn off Internet

The interface of gb whatsapp has two icons on the upper bar, the Wi-Fi icon is to turn off the internet of the application, the crescent is for dark mode.

download gb whatsapp pro apk 2021
turn off internet and activate dark mode

GB WhatsApp Themes

You can download themes for WhatsApp from the Internet or upload them from your phone and apply them to GB WhatsApp Pro, you can access themes from GB settings, then themes. For more information about the themes, go to WhatsApp Plus Themes.

Change the main interface

You can change the appearance in the interface of GB, you can make the whatsapp status look like Instagram stories, also you can change the navigation bar from top to bottom, and you can hide the floating button.

latest version of gbwhatsapp 2021
change the main interface

Change GB Style

You can change the color of the application icon, the color of the notification, and change the type of the font, all that you can do from GB Settings Style.

gb whatsapp pro apk
change GB style

Change Font Type

GB Pro application provides you with a wide variety of English and Arabic fonts, where you can change between 33 English fonts and 23 Arabic fonts.

download latest version of gbwhatsapp pro
change font style

How to download GB with the iPhone Theme?

If you want to download WhatsApp that carries the iPhone theme, that is a bottom navigation bar similar to the iOS version, you can get an iPhone theme by following the next steps:

  1. Click the three points above.
  2. GB Settings.
  3. Home Screen.
  4. Click the upper bar.
  5. Choose bottom navigation bar style, then iOS theme.
gbwhatsapp pro latest version 2021
iOS theme

Download GBWhatsApp Pro for iPhone

If you are a user of iPhone and you want to have GBWhatsApp Pro on your iPhone, the bad news is that GB WhatsApp Pro is only for android devices, but you can have another application with the same features, it is WhatsApp Plus for iPhone.

All Versions of GBWhatsApp Pro

There are many versions that have the same title which is GBWhatsApp Pro, like AlexMods, GBPlus, and Heymods. All these developers have versions called GB WhatsApp Plus, but they are different from each other, but they all work well.

GB WhatsApp Pro – Androidwaves version

The first version of GBWhatsApp Pro is developed by Androidwaves.

whatsapp gb pro plus
Direct LinkDownload
NameGB WhatsApp Pro
Market Version2.21.11.17

GBWhatsApp Pro – Alexmods Version

This is might be the best version of GBWhatsApp Pro, and this is the version we talked about in the article.

whatsapp pro gb plus
Direct LinkDownload
NameGB WhatsApp Pro
Size45 MB
Market Version2.21.11.17

GBWhatsApp Pro – Heymods Version

The third version is by Heymods, and it is very similar to the other GBWhatsApp Pro version.

gb whatsapp pro heymods
Direct LinkDownload
NameGB WhatsApp Pro
Market Version2.21.14.24

GB WhatsApp Pro – GBPlus Version

The last version we will talk about of GB Pro is the version developed by GBPlus.

whatsapp gb pro
Direct LinkDownload
NameGB WhatsApp Pro
Market Version2.21.14.24

In the end, you have the option to pick any version you like, but you should know they all work perfectly fine.

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Comments 8

After updating my GB Whatsapp plus, i cant open my whatsapp anymore
the notification i get is
“gb WhatsApp keeps stopping”
and it never opens…How can i go about it?

23 February, 2021 | Reply
Anan Ali

you need to update your GBWhatsApp to the new version

20 March, 2021 | Reply

Hello. I have a question.
I am using gbwhatsapp + for more then 3 years i think. I am very happy with it.
Now i have a dualsim mobile phone so. is it possible to use 2 different gbwhatsapp in one mobile phone?
I will be happy if you can help me.

18 January, 2021 | Reply
Anan Ali

Hi Mustafa, I have a solution for you, you can have GBWhatsApp and OGWhatsApp which is another whatsapp plus version for the same developer of GBWhatsApp.
both of them work on the same phone with two different phone numbers.
here you can downoad OGWhatsApp.

20 January, 2021 | Reply

My online toast notification isn’t working on my GBwhatsapp pro. Thereby making it impossible to know when someone is online.

05 January, 2021 | Reply
Anan Ali

This issue was on the previous version v8.75, and the developer fixed it on the new version 9.00, update it to the new version

20 January, 2021 | Reply
Pratham Agrawal

It keeps asking me to update G WhatsApp pro… I’ve v8.75 still….there is no new version available….please answer ASAP…. it’s Urgent…

08 November, 2020 | Reply
Anan Ali

There is a new version of GB WhatsApp Pro v9.00, you can download it from the button above.

23 November, 2020 | Reply

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