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While WhatsApp is one of the most popular applications out there, users are still not satisfied with it due to some issues, so they are switching to WhatsApp Plus as AN WhatsApp and Blue WhatsApp because they have additional features like saving views once media and hiding your last seen. One of these versions of WhatsApp Plus is KIWhatsApp. When you download KIWhatsApp new version 2022, you will be able to communicate easily with friends and control your privacy more.

What Is King WhatsApp?

King WhatsApp is a version of WhatsApp Plus developed by Ahmed Al-Sarmani. It is a modified version of the original WhatsApp with many great functions like a unique user interface, the ability to control who can call you, and the ability to send scheduled messages. The developer has designed three copies: King WhatsApp, which is an alternative to official WhatsApp, Golden King WhatsApp, for running a second number on WhatsApp, and Queen WhatsApp, for running a third number on WhatsApp.

Download KIWhatsApp Apk 2022

WhatsApp Green King

Golden WhatsApp King

Queen WhatsApp

Update date09/04/2022
Market Version2.22.2.73
Size 53 MB

king WhatsApp Update Latest Version 2022

  • You can react to your chats with a set of emojis.
  • Pause voice recordings and hear them before sending them.
Download KIWhatsApp
Emoji reactions
  • In king WhatsApp you can copy captions of images and videos by clicking long on them.
download king whatsapp
Copy Images Caption

KIWhatsApp Features 2022

Switch between 5 numbers

From the same latest of KIWhatsApp you can switch between 5 different numbers, to have this option go to King Adds then choose Switch Accounts.

 download king whatsapp apk
Switch Accounts in kiwhatsapp

Auto Replay and Schedule Messages

Privacy Settings

King WhatsApp offers high levels of privacy and lets you freeze your last seen as well.

 download queen whatsapp
Freeze Last Seen

Change Themes

Unlike the original WhatsApp, In ki WhatsApp, you can change the theme by downloading themes from themes stores or uploading themes as zip files or XML files. Go to the Theme category to learn more about them.

Change Themes

Sending Messages to Unsaved numbers

You can send messages to unsaved numbers when you download king Whatsapp apk.

Download king whatsapp apk
Send Messages to unsaved numbers

Activate Dark mode

You can switch to dark mode easily by clicking on the crescent icon and turning on the dark mode

king whatsapp update
Dark Mode

Additional Features in KIWhatsApp

  • Send up to 100 image at once with high quality.
  • Control the widget.
  • Pin 100 chats on the main interface.
  • Save any WhatsApp Story.

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