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I am sure you have heard of WhatsApp Plus, and there are a lot of copies of WhatsApp Plus, but here we will introduce you to a different version called Mix WhatsApp 3d, when you download Mix WhatsApp latest version 2022 you will have the ability to customize the interfaces any way you like, in addition, it has the privacy settings we all look for in a version of WhatsApp Plus.

What is Mix WhatsApp Original?

It is a modified version of the original WhatsApp, in Mix WhatsApp, many features are better than the original WhatsApp features, in WhatsApp Mix 3d you can customize the interfaces, and you have the ability to control if you want people to see that you are online or not, and many other features we will talk about.

Download Mix WhatsApp 3D Latest version 2022

Size42 MB
Update Date20/3/2022

Mix WhatsApp Update New Version

  • Add option to save media when the media visibility is off.
  • React to messages with emojis.
download mix whatsapp apk latest version
React to messages
  • New style for profile interface.
mix whatsapp 2022
profile interface

Mix WhatsApp Top Features

Turn Off Internet

You can turn off the internet from WhatsApp only, so no one can disturb you in WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Mix 3D original
Turn off internet

Save Status

You can download any status you like, by clicking on the download button below, you can also copy any text status you like.

download mix whatsapp apk latest version
Save status

Mix Themes

whatsapp Mix has 14 themes only, and despite them being few compared to other versions of WhatsApp Plus, but these 14 themes are very unique.

mix whatsapp 2022
Mix Themes

IF you are looking for WhatsApp that has more themes, Download Aero WhatsApp, it has over 1000 themes.

Privacy Features

  • Hide your online status and last seen.
  • Hide that you saw your friends status.
  • Prevent deleting messages and statuses.
  • Hide blue ticks, second tick, “typing”, and “recording”.
WhatsApp Mix 3D original
Privacy Settings

Mix WhatsApp iOS Theme

You can change the theme of the main interface to be like the theme of the WhatsApp iPhone. You can change that from the settings and go to the home screen settings.

update Mixwhatsapp new version
iOS Style

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