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WhatsApp Plus is a whole different world from the original WhatsApp, in this article we will talk about Mizo WhatsApp, this version has many additional features that don’t exist in the official WhatsApp such as hiding your online status, prevent deleting any messages, and changing the theme of your WhatsApp, all these features and more you will have them after you download Mizo WhatsApp 2022.

What Is Mizo WhatsApp?

Mizo WhatsApp is a modified application of the original WhatsApp, the developer Mizo Elsaeed made two versions of the app, you can have both of them on your phone, Mizo WhatsApp has many additional features to the official WhatsApp, we will talk about them in more details in this article.

Download Mizo WhatsApp 2022 Apk

As we mentioned before, there are two versions of Mizo WhatsApp, the first one is the alternative to the official WhatsApp, and the second one works next to the first version.

Mizo WA 1

Mizo WA 2

Update Date10/02/2022
Size51 MB

If you want to download the first version, you need to delete the original WhatsApp, but don't forget to backup your chats.

Mizo WhatsApp Top Features

Secure Version Anti-Ban

Mizo WhatsApp is secure, where all chats are encrypted from both the two sides, also both version of ARWhatsApp are anti-ban.

Unique Main Interface

The main interface has a unique style as you can see in the image below, you can activate the dark mode or the airplane mode from the main interface, and if you want to access WhatsApp Status just swipe left.

download mizo app 2020
Main Interface

New Settings Interface

The setting interface in Mizo app is unique, you will never see it in any other WhatsApp Plus version.

download mizo whatsapp apk
Mizo Settings

Privacy Features

  • Hide your online status and last seen.
  • Hide “forward message”.
  • Prevent deleting messages and statuses.
  • Hide blue ticks, second tick, “typing”, and “recording”.
  • Choose the people you want to call you.

You can access these options from the three vertical dots, then go to Mizo Mods, then choose Privacy.

download mizo whatsapp apk
Privacy Features

Customize Interfaces

Mizo WhatsApp has many options that lets you customize the interfaces the way you like it, the interfaces that you can customize are:

  • Main Interface: you can move the navigation bar to the bottom.
  • Chat Interface: you can change the bubble and the background color.
  • Widget: you can change the style of the notification.
download mizo whatsapp latest version 2020
Customize Interfaces

Mizo Themes 2022

In Mizo WhatsApp you can change the theme of WhatsApp, the application gives you a wide range of different and unique themes, choose any theme you like.

download mizo whatsapp latest version 2020

Additional Button in the Chat Interface

There is a button in the chat interface that gives you the option to send a message many times at once.

download mizo whatsapp latest version 2020
The Additional Button

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