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WhatsApp is one of the most famous texting apps, but despite being so popular, the users still are asking for features that are not in WhatsApp, so some developers made WhatsApp Plus which has the features the users always want, one of the versions is NOWhatsApp, download NOWhatsApp to enjoy the additional features the original WhatsApp doesn’t have.

What is NOWhatsApp?

It is a modified version of the original WhatsApp, in NOWhatsApp many features better than the original WhatsApp features, such as the ability to control if you want people to see that you are online or not, and many other features we will talk about.

Download NOWhatsApp Latest Version 2022

You need to know the processor of your phone before downloading any version of NOWhatsApp, go to the next paragraph to find out what is your processor.

Download WhatsApp Plus

This version is the alternative to the original WhatsApp, so before you download it you need to delete the official WhatsApp.

Download GBWhatsApp

This version works next to the original WhatsApp normally, and runs a second phone number.

Download NOWhatsApp

This is the third version of NOWhatsApp that works next to the official WhatsApp and runs a third phone number.

Download NOWhatsApp2

This version of NO WhatsApp runs a fourth phone number.

Download NOWhatsApp3

This is the fifth version of NOWhatsApp that runs a fifth phone number.

NOWhatsApp Apk 2022

Update date 20/5/2022
Market Version2.21.1.13
Size 50.7 MB

NOWhatsApp Top Features

The Floating Button

The floating button in NOWhatsApp has the following options:

  • WhatsApp Plus Settings.
  • The cut tool, where you can cut the video before adding it to your status.
  • Profile record changes for your contacts.
  • Schedule messages.
  • Restart NOWhatsApp 2022.
nowhatsapp apk 2021
Floating Button

Auto Replay and Schedule Messages

From Plus Settings you can add an automatic reply to the messages, you can also schedule messages.

Privacy Settings

  • General Privacy Settings: this includes prevent deleting messages, hide “forward”, and hide your last seen.
  • Privacy Settings for Contacts and Groups: this includes hiding the blue ticks, the second tick, “typing”, and “recording”.
nowhatsapp apk 2021 latest version
Privacy Settings

NOWhatsApp Themes

You can change your WhatsApp theme, also you have the option to change the style of the icon, and the color of the notifications.

download no whatsapp 2021

Customize Interfaces

You can customize the main interface and the chat interface, and change the color of the texting bubble, the background color, and the font type, and from the interface, you can change the place of the navigation bar.

download nowhatsapp 2021
Customize Interfaces

NOWhatsApp Statuses

You can add a video to your status with 10 minutes long, and for the media you can send 100 image at once.

latest version of no whatsapp 2021
NOWhatsApp Status

Change Font Style

There is a collection of different font types, choose what you like and use it for your WhatsApp.

NOWhatsApp apk 2021
Change Font Style

Clean WhatsApp Cache

The junk files and cache take up big space in your phone, in NOWhatsApp you have an option to clean the cache.

download nowhatsapp 2021 apk
Clean Cache

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