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The most popular copy of WhatsApp Plus is GBWhatsApp, but there is more than one copy with the name GB WhatsApp.

One is GB WhatsApp Pro for Alex Mods developer.

the next is HeyMods WhatsApp, and the last is GB WhatsApp for Omar Atanafs Hawak.

All these copies carry the same name but they are different in the features they offer.

All GBWhatsApp copies are anti-ban, they give you great control of your privacy in WhatsApp.

In addition, you can change the app to dark mode.

and you can change the theme of the home screen and the conversation screen.

download gbwhatsapp

GBWhatsApp is considered one of the best copies of WhatsApp Plus, the version is very stable and anti-ban. When you download GB WhatsApp 2022 you

download gbwhatsapp pro 2021

Download GBWhatsApp Pro version 9.00 latest version 2022

whatsapp heymods

WhatsApp Plus has been very popular among users of WhatsApp, they like it because it had additional features they can’t find in the official WhatsApp.

update gb whatsapp

It is important to update GBWhatsApp because users want to continue using the App. If you don’t update your current version, it will not work

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