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Omar Batheib the owner of OBWhatsApp is one of the best developers of WhatsApp Plus.

because he is one of the oldest developers in this field.

All OBWhatsApp copies are stable and get updated regularly.

OBWhatsApp is not just one copy but there are five copies for Omar WhatsApp:

OB WhatsApp Burgandy, OB2WahtsApp pink, OB3WhatsApp Blue, and OB4WhatsApp green.

All these copies are similar but the only difference is the color of the icon and the color of the interfaces of the app.

That means if you download OB WhatsApp red you will get a red icon and the home screen of the app will be red.

تحميل واتساب عمر باذيب اخر اصدار 2021 WhatsApp Omar BaZib

Omar badib is one of the famous WhatsApp plus developers who has developed the official whatsApp to come up with Omar WhatsApp or OB WhatsApp

تحميل واتساب عمر الازرق

The blue version of OBWhatsApp is developed by Omar Badeeb, OB WhatsApp is one of the most famous versions of WhatsApp Plus, the application has

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Download OBWhatsApp lastes version v27 free for android 2020

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Download OB2WhatsApp Pink Latest Version 28 for Android

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