is whatsapp plus safe

Is WhatsApp Plus Safe to Use?

is whatsapp plus safe and secure to use? Many users around the world rely mainly on social media applications to communicate and contact with family and friends, and one of the most famous communication app is WhatsApp.

In contrast with the popularity of these applications, but they have some limitations in the features available within them.

Therefore, some developers created modified applications to the original WhatsApp.

And this had an issue with the users because they wonder is whatsapp plus safe and secure to use? in this article we answer your question.

What Is WhatsApp Plus?

WhatsApp Plus is not just one application, there is many copies and versions.

Most of them are known with their icon color or the theme of the WhatsApp, there is: Golden WhatsApp Plus, Red WhatsApp Plus, Blue WhatsApp Plus, and many other versions.

All of these versions are modified of the original Whatsapp, and have additional features like:

hide last seen, hide the online status, prevent deleting any messages, and hide that you saw your contacts’ statuses.

is whatsapp plus safe
versions of whatsapp plus

Is WhatsApp Plus Safe?

With the wide spread of WhatsApp Plus applications, users are quite hesitant about the safety of WhatsApp Plus.

And if their chats can be hacked or if anyone can access their WhatsApp, and that is because WhatsApp Plus is not available on Google Play

So the users think it is not safe or secure. Now to answer you question, Yes WhatsApp Plus is safe and secure to use, because of the following reasons:

WhatsApp Plus is Anti-Ban

in the past some users experienced having their accounts to get banned, but all the developers updated their applications after that to be anti-ban.

The application code was tested

all the software codes for WhatsApp were examined in order to ensure their security.

And many developers have confirmed that WhatsApp Plus do not contain any viruses.

Encrypting the messages

Messages are fully encrypted in WhatsApp Plus, same as the official WhatsApp, and therefore messages cannot be hacked.

Opinions About the Safety of WhatsApp Plus

  1. Some people may argue about the security of WhatsApp Plus, because the application asks permission for the camera, and media, but in fact those permission are to allow you to use the application fully, and they are the same permission the original WhatsApp asks for.
  2. Since Facebook company took over WhatsApp, they banned a lot of users who use WhatsApp Plus, but after that most of the developers updated their applications after that to be anti-ban.
  3. WhatsApp Plus gets updated regularly, so that makes it harder for the user to keep updating manually and back up their chats so they don’t get deleted.

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