lock whatsapp on iphone

Lock WhatsApp on iPhone

If you want more privacy using WhatsApp, and you look for a way to lock WhatsApp with password. The solution is very easy and you can do it on your iPhone without the need for any application from the app store, and without the need for jailbreak. Simple steps from your iPhone can allow you to have secret chats on WhatsApp. Here we will explain the way how to lock WhatsApp on iPhone with a pin.

How to Lock WhatsApp from WA Settings?

  1. Open WhatsApp on your iPhone.
  2. Go to WhatsApp Settings.
  3. from Privacy choose Screen Lock.
  4. Activate the Face ID option.
  5. Select the lock time.
Lock WhatsApp with dace ID

Now exit WhatsApp and remove it from the background. When you open it you will have to confirm your face ID to be able to open WhatsApp.

Lock WhatsApp on iPhone with Shortcuts App

Open shortcuts on your iPhone, from the Automation section, click on “Create Personal Automation”.

Lock WhatsApp on iPhone
Add shortcut

scroll down and choose App.

How to lock WhatsApp with password
Choose App

Now click on App to choose WhatsApp.

 lock WhatsApp with pin
add app to automation

Scroll down the apps and choose WhatsApp.

ock WhatsApp on iPhone without Face ID
Choose Whatsapp

Click Next to continue the new automation for WhatsApp.

How to lock WhatsApp with password
Click Next

Choose Add Action as you can see from the image below.

How to lock WhatsApp with password
add action

In the search bar look for “Start Timer”, and choose the option for it.

Lock WhatsApp on iPhone
Start timer

Now select the time for (1) Second, then click next.

How to lock WhatsApp with password
select time

Deactivate the option “Ask before running”.

Lock WhatsApp on iPhone
Deactivate the option “Ask before running”.

Now the shortcut is ready for you to use.

Lock WhatsApp on iPhone
WhatsApp Shortcut

Before you move to WhatsApp and start chatting, you need to go to the Alarm App and choose the music for when the timer ends.

lock WhatsApp with password
Choose timer music

Choose “Stop Playing” as you can see below.

lock WhatsApp with pin
Stop playing music

Now if you try to open WhatsApp it will automatically lock the screen.

If you want to turn WhatsApp to dark mode, go to WhatsApp iOS Black.

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