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Download MB WhatsApp iOS 14 V9.65 2023

MB WhatsApp apk is one of the famous copies of WhatsApp plus among Android users, because it comes with WhatsApp ios 14 theme and looks like iPhone WhatsApp. In this post, you will learn everything related to mb WhatsApp ios for android, the link to download mbwhatsapp ios 15, and the new features inside mb Whatsapp ios 2023.

What Is MB WhatsApp apk?

WhatsApp MB ios or MB WhatsApp Plus is a modified copy that was developed by Stephanie Who also developed WhatsApp iPhone for Android. When you download MBWhatsApp, you will notice that the entire app comes in iPhone theme and comes with iPhone icons and emojis. One thing you probably don’t like about the copy is that it has bugs sometimes that annoy you while using the app.

Download MBWhatsApp ios apk Anti-Ban 2023

For anyone who faces issues with the new update, you can go back to the previous version V9.64 till the developer releases a fix update. Uninstall your current version and download the previous version: Download MBWhatsApp Old Version.
To not lose your data, make sure to back up your data.

MBWhatsApp is a version that works next to the original WhatsApp with a different phone number.

Info Download MBWhatsApp apk

Update date01/06/2023
Developer Stephanie
Size57 MB
If you see a message when installing that the app will harm your device, just click install anyway.

How to Install MB WhatsApp?

If this is your first time downloading a version of WhatsApp plus, then follow the next steps:

  1. Download MB WhatsApp iOS apk 2023 from the button above.
  2. if a message appears to you that the application is harmful, complete the download and press Download anyway.
  3. Enable Install from Unknown Sources to continue downloading mb WhatsApp.

Update MB WhatsApp ios 2023

To know more about MB WhatsApp new version update, go to MB WahtsApp Update.

  • Select color hex from an image (MB Preferences >Theme preferences).
  • When you tap any message, it expands and covers the screen, hiding other content.
    download mbwhatsapp ios
  • Hide important details when sharing screenshots, to enable this option, go to MB Preferences>Theme preferences.
    download mbwhatsapp ios
  • Translate captions in status.
  • Flash Calls allows you to log into WhatsApp account without manually entering the six-digit.
  • Edit a message before sending it.
  • See all the status of your contacts “Viewed and downloaded”>( Status dialog -> Show All status).
    download mbwhatsapp ios

MB WhatsApp ios 14 Features

iPhone Interfaces

The best feature of MBWhatsApp is the interfaces that are completely similar to WhatsApp iOS14, where you will find that the interface of chats, settings, and the rest of the interfaces are exactly the same as the interfaces in WhatsApp ios 14.

download mbwhatsapp
MBWhastApp Interfaces

iPhone Emoji

Since MBWhatsApp carries the iPhone theme, you will find that the emojis in MB WhatsApp are the same as the iPhone emojis.

Change the size of the emojis, go to Settings > MB Preferences > Other options > Emoji Size.

download mbwhatsapp apk latest version
change emoji size

Send Messages to Unsaved Numbers

In MBWhatsApp ios 14 you can send messages to unsaved numbers without the need to save the numbers to your contacts.

download mbwhatsapp ios
send messages to unsaved number

MBWhatsApp Status

MBWhatsApp ios gives you several options for WhatsApp status, you can make written status or cut video status if it is long.

download mbwhatsapp ios
mbwhastapp status options

You can also download your friends’ status without them knowing.

download mbwhatsapp apk
download whatsapp status

Add Reaction to Messages

You can add reactions to the messages like Instagram and Messanger, from Settings > MB Preferences > Conversation screen> Buble and tickles> enable massage reaction.

mb whatsapp apk download
Add reactions to messages

Additional Features in MB WhastApp

WhatsApp MB contains additional settings that don’t exist in the normal WhatsApp, such as dark mode and stopping the internet for WhatsApp only.

download mbwhatsapp ios
mb whatsapp features

MB WhatsApp iOS 2023

It appears that some users are searching for MBWhatsApp 2023, referring to the most recent MBWhatsApp release, which is available in the link above. You should know that we are regularly updating the version as soon as the developer releases a new update.

MB WhatsApp Plus Ban issue 2023

on Thursday 26/1/2023 WhatsApp company started to ban some users’ accounts so some users have been subjected to a permanent or temporary ban.

Download MB WhatsApp
WhatsApp temporarily banned

Temporary ban

Your account will be banned for a few hours or days, and a countdown timer will appear on the screen. The ban will be lifted automatically once the time finishes.

Things to do after lifting the temporary ban:

  • Be cautious when using the app by not sending too many messages.
  • Avoid forwarding and spam messages to all members all at once.
  • Update the app once the developer releases a new version.
  • As a team specialized in WhatsApp, we recommend using the official version during this time to avoid account bans. Here is the link to download official WhatsApp. Before uninstalling WhatsApp Plus, make sure to backup your data for future restoration

Permanent ban

If you’ve been permanently banned, the only way to regain access to your account is by contacting WhatsApp support or using a new number. You can reach technical support through the support page.

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