Pink WhatsApp

WhatsApp pink is popular among girls and they look for it in WhatsApp Plus.

it is not very different from the other WhatsApp plus copies you know, where it has additional features to the original WhatsApp such as:

Schedule messages, lock WhatsApp, new options for privacy and security.

and many more features you will know after you download pink WhatsApp.

You can also hide when you are online, download your friends’ statuses without them knowing.

But the most important feature the application has is the girly theme with cute icons and colors.

So, if you want to download any rose color WhatsApp then pick any copy of them and download it.

download ob2whatsapp

Despite a large number of versions of WhatsApp Plus and its wide popularity, there are few of them that attract girls, what girls want most is a feminine version of WhatsApp Plus with pink themes, here we will introduce you …

download mg whatsapp princes

There are a lot of versions of WhatsApp Plus, but it is hard to find a girly version with pink themes, there is a version of MGWhatsApp, especially for girls, download Princess WhatsApp and enjoy WhatsApp with Disney princesses theme …

download lvwhatsapp pink

Girls are always looking for unique applications, and even in WhatsApp Plus you can find cute versions for girls, one of them is LVWhatsApp, when you download LVWhatsApp you will have WhatsApp with pink and lovely interfaces for the girls. …

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