unblock whatsapp calls 2020

How to Unblock WhatsApp Calls

Many countries have blocked voice and video calls from WhatsApp because WhatsApp offers it for free and they wanted to impose fees in exchange for this service, if you face issues while trying to call from WhatsApp, here we will teach you how to unblock WhatsApp calls for free.

How to Activate WhatsApp Calls?

In order to unblock WhatsApp calls, and to be able to activate the voice and video calls, you need a VPN application, whether you are using Android or iPhone, we will show you how to use VPN application to unblock whatsapp calls for free.

Download Turbo VPN 2023

We chose the application Turbo VPN because it works on both Android and iPhone, and it is very effective in terms to activate WhatsApp Calls.

Turbo for Android:

Turbo For iPhone:

Unblock WhatsApp Calls 2023

First you need to download Turbo VPN and install it, when you open the application tap the screen so you connect to a VPN server.

how do i enable whatsapp calling
Turbo VPN

You will see all the countries that you can connect the VPN to, choose any country you want, but the countries with the golden crown next to them are not free, so choose a free one like Germany.

activate whatsapp call
Choose a country

Turbo will ask a permission to monitor network traffic, so it can set up a VPN connection, click Ok.

unblock whatsapp calls 2020
Give permission to connect

If the connection was successful, a message will appear saying that the VPN connection is working.

unblock whatsapp calls 2020
Successfully connected to VPN

Now you can go to WhatsApp and activate the voice and video calls.

Turbo VPN Best Features

  • Hide your real IP on the internet.
  • The app does not keep records of your online activity.
  • It secures your internet connection when connecting from any public Wi-Fi.
  • It provides more than 10,000 servers in over 40 countries to facilitate and speed up the connection.
  • With turbo VPN you can access all websites and applications.
  • Change your geographical location when connecting to VPN.

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