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Update WhatsApp Plus Latest Version 2023 Anti Ban

Users start to use WhatsApp plus instead of the official WhatsApp due to the amazing features that WhatsApp plus has like saving view once media and reading deleted messages. To see new features inside WhatsApp Plus 2023, you need to update WhatsApp every three months of the latest release. In this post, you will find a direct link to update Whatsapp plus latest version and how how to update WhatsApp plus new version.

Original WhatsApp Plus

WhatsApp plus has more than one copy that belongs to different developers among users. But, the most famous copy is WhatsApp plus V17.40 by Alex and the reason behind the popularity of this copy is that it’s stable and is updated every three months. Also, Alex makes sure to fix bugs wherever it appears on the app and includes new features that users love.

Update WhatsApp Plus Blue New Version 2023 Anti Ban

The new update of WhatsApp Plus has more Anti-ban protection, especially for the repeated one-hour ban. DON’T delete the old version even if it is banned, just install the new update to not lose your chats.

WhatsApp Plus by AlexMods is an alternative to the original WhatsApp. WhatsApp plus new version 2023 is very popular among users since it is stable and the application is unique.

Date of Update20/05/2023

How to Solve WhatsApp plus Banned Account?

WhatsApp company started to ban some users’ accounts so some users have been subjected to a permanent or temporary ban.

Temporary ban

WhatsApp plus Banned

Your account will be banned for a few hours or days, and a countdown timer will appear on the screen. The ban will be lifted automatically once the time finishes.

Things to do after lifting the temporary ban:

  • Be cautious when using the app by not sending too many messages.
  • Avoid forwarding and spam messages to all members all at once.
  • Update the app once the developer releases a new version.
  • As a team specialized in WhatsApp, we recommend using the official version during this time to avoid account bans. Here is the link to download official WhatsApp. Before uninstalling WhatsApp Plus, make sure to backup your data for future restoration

Permanent ban

 Update WhatsApp Plus
Permanent ban

If you’ve been permanently banned, the only way to regain access to your account is by contacting WhatsApp support or using a new number. You can reach technical support through the support page.

How to Update WhatsApp Plus New Version?

If you already have the copy installed on your phone and want to update it follow these steps:

  1. Download the last update of the copy from above.
  2. Don’t delete the current copy on your phone.
  3. It takes a while to finish downloading.
  4. Now click install, and enjoy the new features.

New Features in WhatsApp Plus V17.40

  • The ability to edit sent messages.
    WhatsApp Plus Latest Version
  • View the contact history from the main screen.
  • Option to hide the Save and Mark Seen buttons on the status page.
  • Flash Calls allow You to log into your WhatsApp account without manually entering the six-digit.
    WhatsApp Plus Blue New Version
  • Load custom font from the phone device: (Select “Custom” from font style, then use Load font option).
  • No need to back up manually because there will be a daily backup for chats.
  • Enable Proxy settings for countries that are banned from WhatsApp.

What’s New in WhatsApp Plus Update 2023

These updates are for WhatsApp Plus blue by AlexMods:

Create and customize Avatar

You can create your own avatar and you use your avatar as stickers. To create an avatar, Tap Settings> Tap Avatar > Create Your Avatar> Tap Done.

WhatsApp Plus New Version
customize Avatar

New Design for texting unsaved numbers

WhatsApp has unveiled a new design for texting unsaved numbers. The updated feature will allow users to easily communicate with individuals who are not on their contact list. The new design is simple and user-friendly, making it easy for anyone to use.

WhatsApp Plus 2023
New Msg design

Post Voice Notes as WhatsApp Status

You have the option to set a voice note as a status. To do this, You can go to the “Status” tab in the app and tap the microphone icon. Then record a voice note and set it as a status by tapping the “Send” button. This feature allows you to share your thoughts and feelings with your contacts in a more personal and expressive way.

Update WhatsApp Plus
Post Voice status

Translate your Chats Immediately

You have the ability to translate texts in real time while messaging with your contacts. To use this feature, you simply need to highlight the text that you want to translate and tap the “Translate” icon that appears in the chat box. The text will then be translated into the language that you have chosen before.

Update WhatsApp Plus
Translation Icon

Hide online status

In order to feel more secure, WhatsApp Plus allows you to control your online status, and control who can see you when you are online.

whatsapp plus update 2022
Hide online status

Repost WhatsApp status

WhatsApp plus has a new feature that allows you to repost others’ status to yours, and add any caption to it.

Update WhatsApp plus
Repost WhatsApp status

Share many images to external apps

Unlike the official WhatsApp, you can now share many photos and videos to external apps all at once. Just click the share icon.

Update WhatsApp plus apk
Share many images

React to Chats

WhatsApp plus lets you react to Whatsapp chats with a set of different emojis, and you can double-tap to like any message.

Update WhatsApp Plus Blue New Version
Customize Emoji

Options to reject calls

WhatsApp plus offers you options to reject any call on WhatsApp such as no Internet, call declined, not answered, and so on.

whatsapp plus update 2022
Reject calls options

Save to Gallery

on the latest WhatsApp plus update, when the media visibility is turned off you can save media by the option save to gallery.

whatsapp plus download 2022
Save to gallery option

Update Whats-App Plus 2023

Some people are looking for WhatsApp Plus 2023, which means they are looking for the latest update. Here we offer you the latest version of Whats-app Plus, and we update them regularly as long as the developer updates them.

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Comments 2

Hello everyone, i have an issue with my whatsapp plus 17.20 Version by AlexMods it has a bug which is not hiding typing/recording in chat.
I uninstalled the app and reinstalled and nothing changed (even though i managed all my privacy settings).
I hope you could take a look at that issue and be able to fix it.
Thank you.

14 February, 2023 | Reply
Anan Ali

Hi, the developer Alexmods said that he will release a new update to fix the bugs in the version 17.20.
Please wait until the next update

15 February, 2023 | Reply

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