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Update WhatsApp Plus Latest Version 2022

Users start to use WhatsApp plus instead of the official WhatsApp due to the amazing features that WhatsApp plus has like saving view once media and reading deleted messages. To see new features inside WhatsApp Plus 2022, you need to update WhatsApp every three months of the latest release. In this post, you will find a direct link to update Whatsapp plus latest version and how that works.

Original WhatsApp Plus

WhatsApp plus has more than one copy that belongs to different developers among users. But, the most famous copy is WhatsApp plus V17.00 by Alex and the reason behind the popularity of this copy is that it’s stable and is being updated every three months. Also, Alex makes sure to fix bugs wherever it appears on the app and includes new features that users love.

Update WhatsApp Plus Blue New Version 2022

Update WhatsApp Plus V17.00 Alex

WhatsApp Plus 17.00 by AlexMods is an alternative to the original WhatsApp. This version is very popular among users since it is stable and the application is unique.

Date of Update29/07/2022

How Can I Update My WhatsApp Plus?

If you already have the copy installed on your phone and want to update it follow these steps:

  1. Download the last update of the copy from above.
  2. Don’t delete the current copy on your phone.
  3. It takes a while to finish downloading.
  4. Now click install, and enjoy the new features.

What’s New in WhatsApp Plus Update 2022

These updates are for WhatsApp Plus blue by AlexMods:

  • You can send any Emoji As Reactions. Click ” + ” Icon
  • You can like any message by double tapping to any message. 
Update WhatsApp Plus Blue New Version
Customize Emoji
  • WhatsApp plus offers you options to reject your calls.
  • Added ” No Internet option to reject calls. 
whatsapp plus update 2022
Reject calls options
  • The ability to listen to voice notes after chat exit in the background.
Update WhatsApp Plus New Version
listen to voice notes
  • When the media visibility is turned off you can save media by the option save to gallery.
whatsapp plus download 2022
Save to gallery option
  • Download view once media to your gallery, by clicking the download button above.
update whatsapp plus new version
Download view once media
  • View all messages that are sent by any member in the group by clicking on their name and choose “View all messages”.
whatsapp plus latest version
view all messages in the group

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