واتساب ايفون الاسود How to get WhatsApp Dark Mode iPhone?

Many users are upset because they cannot use WhatsApp Ios in the dark mode because the dark feature hasn’t been included in the official WA, yet. But there are still ways that you can get WhatsApp Dark Mode iPhone easily without paying to some app stores. Continue reading to learn how to activate the dark mode on iPhone. 

WhatsApp Dark Mode iPhone

Until now the dark mode has not been added to official WhatsApp, so don’t believe any app in the app store that claims to offer it, as you will waste your time and it will not turn your Whatsapp black. Here you will find ways that we tried before that worked perfectly to change your WhatsApp to dark mode. 

How to change WhatsApp to dark mode on iPhone?

  • Go to the phone settings and click on Display and Brightness.
whatsapp dark mode iphone
  • The iPhone comes with a default light mode and you have an option to switch it to black.
Black dark mode iphone
Light Theme
  • As you see, change it to the black mode.
dark mode on whatsapp iphone
Dark Theme
  • Now, open your Whatsapp and you will see it has changed to the black mode.
whatsapp dark mode iphone
Black iPhone WhatsApp
  • This method will not only turn your WhatsApp black, but also all your other apps will have a dark theme.

Turn off WhatsApp dark mode iPhone

It’s possible to change only WhatsApp to dark mode if you don’t want to change the entire phone to dark mode. Keep in mind that this feature is available only on Whatsapp plus copies.

To apply this method, you need first to download WhatsApp Gold to get the night mode on iPhone:

  • Go to WhatsApp Gold settings> and click on the themes as you can see in the photo.
ios whatsapp dark mode
  • Turn on the dark mode as you can see in the photo. 
WhatsApp Dark Mode iOS
Dark Mode
  • The app will restart to activate the dark mode and save the changes. Click on relaunch.
whatsapp dark mode ios
Restart WhatsApp
  • As you can see in the image, it’s all black.
whatsapp dark mode iphone
Dark Mode

Note this method will only turn your Whatsapp black and the other apps will remain in the light mode.

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