ارسال واتس بدون حفظ الرقم

WhatsApp without saving number

You may have to text someone on Whatsapp through a quick and temporary message, and you do not need to add the number to your contacts and communicate with it as a friend on your WhatsApp. In this post, we will show you how to send WhatsApp without saving number to your device. You can apply these methods to any smartphone whether it’s an Android or iPhone.

How to WhatsApp without saving number on iPhone?

To apply this method you need to download this app”Quick Message for WhatsApp”. To download it, click on the download button.

  • Open Quick Message for WhatsApp app, and enter the phone number.
how to send messages on whatsapp without saving number
Quick Message for WhatsApp
  • As you can see in the photo below, click on open.
send whatsapp without saving number
Start A chat
  • You’ll be taken to your WhatsApp, where you can send messages and contact the number you entered before.
whatsapp without saving number on phone
Send Message to unsaved numbers
  • As you can in the photo, you can send messages, stickers, files, and photos to the number.
message without saving number
Send a message without saving the number

How to send WhatsApp without saving the number for Android?

All WhatsApp plus versions offer this feature. We will use WhatsApp gold to show you the method, but you can use any version like Whatsapp GB pro, WhatsApp NA.

  • Open WhatsApp Gold and click on the three dots on the top right of your WhatsApp.
whatsapp without saving number on android
Message a number
  • Enter the phone number that you want to text, and click Message.
how to whatsapp without saving number on android
Enter Phone Number
  • As shown in the image, you can now contact the number as you do with any other saved contact.
whatsapp message without saving number
Unsaved Number

Apply these methods to your device and tell us in the comment if you face any issues while trying one of them.

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