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Download AG WhatsApp V38 2024

Users start replacing the official WhatsApp with WhatsApp Plus copies such as AG WhatsApp apk because it includes new features that they like to use. In this post, you will learn about AG WhatsApp April 2024 which has four copies including ag2 WhatsApp, ag3 WhatsApp, er WhatsApp. Also, you find direct links to download AG WhatsApp copies.

Download AG WhatsApp Anti Ban Apk

Download Blue AGWhatsApp

You can have Blue AGWhatsApp next to WhatsApp official.

Download ER WhatsApp apk

ER WhatsApp 2024 also called Artgrel WhatsApp, works as a third copy you can have on your phone.

Download AG2 WhatsApp Pink

AG2WhatsApp V38 is the fourth copy of WhatsApp ag2 and can work next to the official WhatsApp.

Download AG3 WhatsApp Green

This version of AG3WhatsApp V38 is the green WhatsApp of AG and can work next to the original WhatsApp.

Info Download AG WhatsApp April 2024

All the copies have the same features and interfaces, the only difference is the color of the icon.

Application Name AGWhatsApp
Version 38
Author عاصم محجوب
Last Update 23-04-2024
Size 80MB


WhatsApp Khalid latest version

There is a new version of WhatsApp Plus Gold and Green, which is WhatsApp Plus Khaled Al-Dhahabi. It is a royal version of Royal WhatsApp, compatible with the versions of Abu Arab and Asim Mahjoub, and it is without ads or donations to developers. Anti-ban and without losing your conversations, and it is constantly updated.

Download WhatsApp Khalid

KhaledWA Gold Update Latest Version 2024

  • Anti-Ban: The WhatsApp company works to combat Plus copies in various ways by blocking the numbers of WhatsApp Plus users, so the developer Khaled is always working to update the WhatsApp Gold version so that it is against the ban.
  • Free, without ads or donation to the developer: You will not be exposed to annoying ads in the 2024 WhatsApp Gold versions.
  • It is constantly updated: Developer Khaled Al-Dahbi continues to update WhatsApp Gold based on user requests
  • Completely secure: All conversations are encrypted and stored on official WhatsApp servers only.
  • WhatsApp Royal Gold supports all the features of WhatsApp Plus Gold, in addition to other additional features such as ghost mode and media settings.
  • Transferring conversations on Khaled Al-Dhahabi’s WhatsApp without losing them

What is AG WhatsApp?

AG WhatsApp is a modified application of the official WhatsApp by the developer Assem. AG WhatsApp App has 4 copies: AG WhatsApp Blue, AG2 WhatsApp Pink, AG3 WhatsApp apk Green, and ER WhatsApp Gold. You can have the four copies on one phone, the developer Asim Mahjoub came with unique and new interfaces, also all of the four versions are anti-ban.

AG WhatsApp April 2024

AG Whatsapp 2024 is a famous copy of WhatsApp Plus. There are 4 copies that has different colors: AG WhatsApp Blue, AG2WhatsApp Pink, AG3WhatsApp Green, ERWhatsApp Gold. All the copies are the same except for the color of the icon and the application inside.

download agwhatsapp 2024

How to Download AG WhatsApp?

You can follow this method if you want to download er whatsapp or any copy of AG WhatsApp:

  1. Download AG WhatsApp from the button above.
  2. Activate the downloading from unknown sources. Go to Phone Settings>Security>Enable download from unknown sources.
    ag3 whatsapp download
  3. Now click you need to get AG whatsapp install.
    ag whatsapp download apk
  4. Click open to open the applications.
    ag whatsapp apk download
  5. Enter your phone number and activation code, you can use the flash call feature that lets activate your number without manually entering the six-digit code.
    ag whatsapp app download
  6. Open ag whatsapp and enjoy the app features.

How to Update AGWhatsApp?

  1. Download The update of ag whatsapp from above.
  2. Don’t delete the current copy on your phone to not lost your chats and data.
  3. Click on install.
  4. open the app and enjoy the new features.

AG WhatsApp New Update V38

  • View edited messages and the time the messages were edited.
  • An icon next to “Edited” for users to notice.
  • Enable Ghost Mode: when you activate the ghost mode, you will be hidden from everyone. Your appearance will be hidden. Other people will think that you did not receive their message. When you open the message, it will not turn into a read message, and you can view statuses in hidden mode as well.
  • Get a Notification if anyone writes you a message (whether his number is stored with you or not).
  • Get an alert when the other party reads your message (select any message and then choose Alert when reading)
  • Adding settings (AGSettings) with a new style:
  • Move dark/light mode to the Home page.
  • Added a separate download option for each conversation

AG WhatsApp Best Features 2024

Lock WhatsApp

You can lock WhatsApp with a pattern, PIN, or fingertip, from AGSettings > Privacy&Security, and then choose how you want to lock your ag3 WhatsApp 2024.

Lock WhatsApp

AGWhatsApp Backup

This feature is an important feature you can find in Official WhatsApp, but most version of WhatsApp Plus doesn’t provide backup. The developer Asim found a way to have a backup without the need of Google Drive, by having the backup saved on your phone itself, to do that go to Adds, then Chat Backup,

Media Backup has also been added

ag whatsapp latest version
Backup Chat

Navigation Button

By the navigation button, you can move between chats without the need to go back to the main interface.

ag whatsapp new version
Navigation Button

Privacy Settings

  • You can hide your online status and last seen.
  • Hide “forward message”.
  • Hide that you saw your friends status.
  • Prevent deleting messages and statuses.
  • Hide blue ticks, second tick, “typing”, and “recording”.
ag whatsapp update apk
Privacy Settings

Change Interface

You can customize the chat interface any way you want it, by changing the font type, icon color, and style, you can do that from Plus Settings:

  • The Main interface: hide any icon you want, and move the bar down.
  • Chats: change the color of the bubble color and the background color.
  • Widget: control Whatsapp notifications.
ag3 whatsapp download latest version
Change Interface

Other Features in AG WhatsApp

  • Send up to 100 image at the same time, and you have the option to send HD images.
  • Pin 100 chats in the main interface.
  • Send a message to unsaved number.
  • Save WhatsApp statuses.
  • Send scheduled messages.
  • Activate dark mode.
  • Turn off internet from WhatsApp only.
  • Change the theme of AGWhatsApp.

Is There a Red Copy of AGWhatsApp?

You could have heard of AG WhatsApp, but the developer Asim never released a red version, but some users might think the pink version of AG WhatsApp is the red version, if you want to have a red version of WhatsApp: Download WhatsApp Red Plus.

How to fix the Crash issue on AGWhatsApp?

  1. To solve this issue, developers have released a fix update, and here is how to do it:
  2. Download the fix update for the version you are using from the link above.
  3. Do not delete the current version on your phone.
  4. Click on the downloaded file and click on update.
  5. Open the app, and you will find that the problem has been solved, and you can use the app as usual.

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Isheanopa liberty mukuwani

I am in love with the green Ag what’s app. Thank’s anti ban ..that’s the only thing l like about the what’s app

18 April, 2023 | Reply
John Kainika

There are no any new changes done. Now and then I’ve been burned for that one hour. No any changes. I wish I knew I wouldn’t have downloaded this whatsapp.

05 April, 2023 | Reply
Anan Ali

What do you mean by changes? the developer adds new features regularly

29 April, 2023 | Reply

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