Download New WhatsApp Status

Download New WhatsApp Status

If you enjoy sharing videos and images on your WhatsApp status, then you should check out the application we talk about in this article, this application Vidsky allows you to download new WhatsApp status videos and images, the application has a lot of videos and images you can browse through them and choose the one you want to share it on your WhatsApp.

Download New WhatsApp Status App 2024

Size9.3 MB

WhatsApp New Status Video

The application Vidsky offers new status for WhatsApp in the form of videos and images, and from the filter above you can choose if you want to see video status or images status, browse between them to choose the status you like, you can even swipe up and down to go to the next status.

Download New WhatsApp Status
new whatsapp status

When you click on the status you want to share to your WhatsApp status, you can add it by clicking on the WhatsApp icon to the right, you can also download it to your phone or share it via social media.

Download New WhatsApp Status
save new whatsapp status

after you click on the WhatsApp icon it will add it to your status, and you can edit the caption and write whatever you want to over the video or the image.

Whatsapp Status Video Download for android 2021
share video on status

Does Vidsky work on WhatsApp Plus?

Unfortunately, the application only works on the original WhatsApp, but you can use it on WhatsApp plus, by downloading the video you like from the application to your gallery, and then from the gallery you can add the video to your WhatsApp Plus.

New Status Video Pros

  • Different types of new status such as funny, sad, or love status.
  • The application is easy to use, and is suitable for all ages.
  • The application has wide range of videos and images.

New Status Video Cons

  • The app is not Ad-free.
  • The application only supports WhatsApp and not WhatsApp Plus.

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