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This category contains many different WhatsApp themes, such as: themes for girls in pink and cheerful colors, dark WhatsApp Plus themes, iPhone and android themes, and classic themes.

In this category, you will find many forms of themes. You can download them and change your own theme.

In original WhatsApp you can’t change its theme, but since this category belongs to WhatsApp Plus you can change and download many of them. 

You can also change the theme without downloading it from outside sources.

Almost every WhatsApp Plus application has a theme store. You can choose from thousands of them and share them with friends.

download whatsapp themes 2020

Download WhatsApp Plus Themes for Android 2020

download whatsapp car themes

If you are a user of WhatsApp plus you can change the theme of WhatsApp from WhatsApp plus itself or by downloading themes outside WhatsApp

download girly whatsapp themes

Many girls would like to change the theme of WhatsApp to more cute and girly themes, in the original WhatsApp you can’t change the theme,

download classic whatsapp theme

One of the unique features of WhatsApp Plus for Android, is the ability to change the theme of WhatsApp, one of the most famous categories

download dark whatsapp plus themes

A lot of people like the dark themes for their applications, and of course in WhatsApp they want to download WhatsApp dark themes to rest

download romantic whatsapp themes 2021

Download Romantic WhatsApp Themes How to Install any theme you want

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