Burgundy WhatsApp

Many WhatsApp plus copies have the name Burgundy WhatsApp because of the color of the icon and the interfaces of the app.

One of the most popular Burgundy WhatsApp is:

Omar WhatsApp and it is famous because the copy is stable and easy to use.

But there are other copies that have the maroon color such as ABWhatsApp.

All copies of the Maroon Whats-App have additional features to the original WhatsApp such as:

hiding the online status, schedule messages, and controlling privacy.

After downloading one of these copies you will enjoy WhatsApp with the maroon theme in the home and conversation screen.

download obwhatsapp 2021

OB WhatsApp is one of the most known versions of WhatsApp plus, this version brings many features that are missed in the official WhatsApp such as preventing others from deleting messages and statuses, it is also ad-free and anti-ban, you …

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