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WhatsApp is a great application for texting, calling, and being in contact with friends and family, despite WhatsApp being a very famous communication application, users still have some issues with it and they are not fully satisfied with it, because of that FM WhatsApp Plus came to the picture. FM WhatsApp V9.35 is one of the best copies of WhatsApp plus. When you download FMWhatsApp latest version 2022 you will have all WhatsApp features and additional features like themes and hide your online status.

What is FM WhatsApp Plus?

FM WhatsApp Green is a modified version of the original WhatsApp, FM WhatsApp has many features the users of WhatsApp always wished to have like hiding the online status and changing the WhatsApp theme. FMWhatsApp comes with two copies, the first is an alternative to the official WhatsApp, and the second one works next to the official WhatsApp.

Download FMWhatsApp Apk Latest Version V9.35

FMWhatsApp 1

This copy of FMWhatsApp is an alternative to the original WhatsApp, so to have it you need to delete the official WhatsApp then download FM WhatsApp.


FM2WhatsApp works besides official WhatsApp but with a different number, so you can use it to run a second number for WhatsApp.

This Version of FMWhatsApp is Anti-Ban. you will not face any problems with Google Play when you download it.

Update Date24/07/2022
Size50 MB
Market Version2.22.2.73

Is it safe to use FM WhatsApp?

Yes, FMWhatsApp is safe to use because the application is a modified version of the original WhatsApp which means all the chats are on the server of the original WhatsApp and no one can spy on them.

How to Update FM WhatsApp?

To Update FM WhatsApp to the new version, you don’t need to delete the old version of FMWhatsApp, just download the latest version of FMWhatsApp from the button above and install it, and you will have the new version of FM WhatsApp.

FM WhatsApp Latest Version Update V9.35

  • React to messages with any emoji by clicking on the plus icon.
fm whatsapp apk download
react to messages with emojis
  • Before you post any status a message of confirmation will appear before you post it.
  • When you click twice on a message it will add like to the message.
  • A new feature is called ghost mode for calls. This feature display messages when you reject any calls.
download fmwhatsapp latest version
Ghost Mode

FM WhatsApp Top Features


FmWhatsApp has a store for the themes with more than 4000 themes you can try, most of them are taken from YOWhatsApp.

fm whatsapp download apk
Theme Store

Privacy Settings

  • Hide online status.
  • Hide blue ticks and the second tick.
  • Lock WhatsApp with pattern or fingertip.
  • Hide “Forward” when sending messages.
  • Hide “Typing” and “Recording”.
  • Prevent deleting messages and statuses.
download fmwhatsapp apk latest version
Privacy features

Lock WhatsApp

You can lock FM WhatsApp with a pattern, PIN, or fingertip, the fingertip option only works if your phone supports fingertip.

download fmwhatsapp latest version
lock WhatsApp

Download View Once Media

You can download the media that are sent to be viewed once, when you open any image/video that is viewed once, you will find a download button on top of the media, click on it and it will download it to your phone.

fm whatsapp update
download view once image

FM Media

In WhatsApp, you can send 30 images at once, but in FM WhatsApp you can send 100 images at once, you can also hide the media from your phone for each chat on it own.

fm whatsapp latest version 2022 update
Media Visibility

Other Versions of WhatsApp Plus

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