Download WhatsApp Status App

Download WhatsApp Status App

If you love sharing funny, sad, or any type of WhatsApp statuses, then you should download WhatsApp status app 2023, the one we will mention in this article is called All Status, which has a wide range of video statuses, quotes, and image statuses.

Download WhatsApp Status App All Status

Size5.8 MB

WhatsApp Video Status 2023

The first thing the app offers is WhatsApp status videos, there are over 20 categories you can choose from them.

You can also use the search bar above and search for any video you like to use as WhatsApp status.

WhatsApp Video Status 2020
WhatsApp Video Status 2020

WhatsApp Status Quotes 2023

All Status app also provides a lot of quotes you can copy them and use them in WhatsApp status.

You are also free to use them in any application, you can also like the ones you want to find them later easily.

download WhatsApp Status Quotes 2020
WhatsApp Status Quotes 2020

WhatsApp Story Images

The application also has a section for WhatsApp status images, there is a lot of categories to choose from.

you also have the option to search for any image from the search bar above.

download WhatsApp Status Images
WhatsApp Status Image

Add Status on WhatsApp

Now that you know all the types of statuses the application offers.

If you liked any status whether it’s an image or video, to use it as your WhatsApp status, click on it, and then click on the WhatsApp icon.

download whatsapp status app apk 2020
Use image in whatsapp status

This automatically saves the image or video on your phone, and then add it to your WhatsApp status, notice the image below.

2020 download whatsapp status app
Whatsapp Status

Save WhatsApp Status

The application not only gives you statuses yo use, it also works as a saver for your friend’s statuses, click on WhatsApp Status Saver.

download whatsapp status app
save whatsapp status

This will show all the statuses your friends have added, all you have to do is click on Download, and this will save it on your phone.

All Status for WhatsApp Statuses

At the end, we recommend you to download and use the application if you are interested in adding different WhatsApp statuses, whether it’s videos, images, or quotes.

The app provides all types of statuses, you can even search a certain keyword like “funny” and browse all statuses about it, you can also download and save your contact’s statuses through the application.

The only issue we faced while using the application is the ads, and you be fair they are not extreme so you will not be bothered by them.

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