download funny whatsapp status

Download Funny WhatsApp Status

Who doesn’t love a good laugh? we all love sharing funny jokes with our friends and family, and now with the technology, we love sharing them on the internet, and since we all use WhatsApp, a lot of people love to share funny jokes on WhatsApp status, if you want to do that as well you need to download funny WhatsApp status 2024, we recommend an application that has a lot of funny jokes you can share on your WhatsApp Status.

Download Funny WhatsApp Status App

To enjoy all the funny images and share them to your WhatsApp Status you need to download an application called Funny Status, this is a small application that has funny images and jokes you use them on your WhatsApp status.

Size6.2 MB

Funny Images WhatsApp Status 2024

The application has so many categories other than “funny status” you can browse them and enjoy it, there are statuses about friendships, love, family, life, and the list goes on. The first category is Funny, when you open it you will see that it has over 100 funny images.

2020 Download Funny WhatsApp Status
Funny WhatsApp Status

Take a look at them, and then choose the image you like to share, we should mention that not all of them are English, you will find some images with Hindu language, but the majority is the English status so you don’t need to worry about that.

funny status images in english
save funny status

When you choose an image, you have three option, the first is save it to your phone, the second is to share it to your WhatsApp, and the third is to edit the image the way you want to.

download funny whatsapp status images 2020
share funny image

Funny Status App Pros

  • The application has over 100 funny images.
  • It has other categories like sad status and cute status.
  • The size of the application is very small.
  • You can share the images on all social media platforms.

Funny Status App Cons

  • There is a lot of ads which does bother the user.
  • There is no funny videos, the application only offers funny images.

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