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Update WhatsApp iOS Apk 2022

One of the most famous versions of WhatsApp Plus is WhatsApp iPhone for Android. In the world of WhatsApp Plus, you have to manually update the version you are using because after three months the version will stop working and you might lose your chats. In this post, you can update WhatsApp iOS Apk 2022, and you will learn all about any new feature that is added in the new update.

WhatsApp iPhone for Android 2022

Many copies of WhatsApp Plus claim to have the iOS style, but after testing all the copies of WhatsApp Plus, we found the only copy that really looks like WhatsApp iPhone. It is called MBWhatsApp iOS. you will notice the copy is very similar to WhatsApp iPhone in the interfaces, emojis, font, and everything else related to iOS WhatsApp.

Update WhatsApp iOS Apk New Version 2022

WhatsApp iPhone for Android V9.41 new update has not been released yet, and we will update the copies today as soon as the developer release the new update for the copy. Keep checking our Website.

In the button below is the latest version of WhatsApp iOS Apk 2022.

Date of Update16/9/2022

How Can I Update iOS WhatsApp for Android?

To be able to have the new version of WhatsApp iPhone for Android without losing any chats, follow the next steps:

  1. Don’t delete the previous version.
  2. Download the latest update of WhatsApp iOS Apk.
  3. Install the new WP iOS update2022, and enjoy it.

Latest Updates of WhatsApp iOS Android 2022

  • You can know who blocked you, and in case anyone new blocked you then a notification will be sent to you that they have blocked you.
update whatsapp ios apk
Who blocked you
  • You can like any message by double tapping to any message. 
  • You can send any Emoji As a Reaction. Click the” + ” Icon and choose the emoji you want to react to the messages with it.
update whatsapp iphone for android
React with emojis
  • Add options to reject any call, such as no internet connection, or no answer.
 update whatsapp ios for android new version
Call settings
  • You can listen to voice notes outside the chats. This feature was only in the official WhatsApp but now it is in WhatsApp iOS Apk.
new updates of ios whatsapp apk
Listen to voice notes in the background
  • You can use emojis as a profile picture, and you will be able to choose the color of the background.
Update WhatsApp iOS Apk
Set emoji as profile picture

Why I Can’t Update WhatsApp iOS Apk?

You might face some problems while trying to update WhatsApp iOS Apk, those are the reasons why you can’t update WhatsApp iOS Apk.

  • You don’t have enough space on your phone, so delete some other apps to install WhatsApp iOS Apk.
  • Make sure to get the right link to get ios android WhatsApp update, and make sure to find them from our site.
  • Make sure to activate download from unknown sources, go to Settings> Security> Download from Unknown Sources.

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