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Download ANWhatsApp+9 Apk 2024

ANWhatsApp+9 is the newest and most popular ANWhatsApp Application that comes with different ten copies. It has a shiny golden look and a different design compared to the WhatsApp Plus copies. In this post, we’ll talk about ANWhatsApp+9, share a link to get the latest update ANWhatsApp+9 app, and show you how to download ANWhatsApp 9 Latest version.

What is ANWhatsApp+9?

ANWhatsApp+9 is the ninth version of ANWhatsApp. You can download eight previous versions before it. It looks golden on the outside with golden icons, but the main screen and chats are green. It includes all the extra features from WhatsApp Plus.

Download ANWhatsApp+9 Latest Version

You can use ANWhatsApp+9 next to the official WhatsApp with a different phone number.

Info download ANWhatsApp+9

Application Name AN9WhatsApp
Version 37
Last Update February 13, 2024
Size 77.36 MB

How to download ANWhatsApp+9 Latest Version?

If you want to download ANWhatsApp+9 and to install ANWhatsApp+9 follow these detailed steps:

  • You need to downloadANWhatsApp+9 from the link above.
  • Enable the download from unknown sources. Phone Settings> Security> Enable the download from outside sources.
Update ANWhatsApp+9
  • Click on ANWhatsApp+9 install as you can see in the image.
Update ANWhatsApp+9
  • If a warning message appears, just skip it and click continue.
  • When the installation process ends, it asks to open the app, click open.
Update ANWhatsApp+9 New Version
  • You need now to enter the phone number and select your country code.
Download ANWhatsApp+9
  • You can use the flash call feature that lets activate your number without manually entering the six-digit code.
  • Now, set up your profile picture, enter your name, and enjoy using the app.

If you want to know about the new updates to ANWhatsApp+9 app, you can keep an eye on our telegram channel from WhatsApp Plus Updates.

AN WhatsApp+9 Update New Version

Here are the latest features added to the app:

  • To enable Ghost Mode, you can hide the second checkmark without delaying the arrival of messages. Simply go to ANMods > Privacy and Lock > Ghost Mode.
    Download ANWhatsApp9
  • Enable the ‘Mark As Read’ feature within the chat when the option to hide blue ticks is turned on.
    Download ANWhatsApp+9
  • Return to the Old layout in the main interface, where all the taps are at the top.
    Download ANWhatsApp+9
  • send Quick Video Message (click once on mic icon). And save quick videos.
  • Add a new option to show the edited message, before and after modification (Ammar Al-Awadi’s Additions [ANMods] > Privacy and Lock).
  • Fix WhatsApp activation for those who have been blocked previously.
  • New privacy checkup.
  • Fix sending and receiving messages on some phones.
  • Fix the problem of opening more than one conversation in the form of a card.

Features of ANWhatsApp

See original chats

You can view the original chats before they are edited. All you need to do is to open any chats you want to read the original writing. then click on the edit icon, and you will see the original text that the sender wrote as you can see in the image.

Download anwhatsapp+9
Original Chats

Control your calls

ANWhatsApp 9 gives you control over your calls and the ability to activate ghost mode. You can easily manage your incoming and outgoing calls, making it easy to stay in touch with your contacts. Additionally, the ghost mode feature allows you to manage your calls, providing options like rejecting calls, setting no internet calling, declining calls, not answering, and more.

Download an whatsapp+9
Calls Settings

Download ANWhatsApp+9 Themes

ANWhatsApp+9 allows you to customize your themes by either downloading them from the in-app store or loading themes from your phone. If you don’t like the themes you’ve chosen, you can easily reset them and return to the default themes.

anwhatsapp+9 download

ANWhatsApp+9 Lock

ANWhatsApp+9 offers a variety of lock options specifically designed to make you feel more secure. These include fingerprint recognition, pattern locks, passwords, PINs, and more.

anwhatsapp+9 Apk
Lock WhatsApp

Schedule messages

You can set a time for your messages to be sent. Just tap the three dots at the top of the screen, type your message, and choose the time you want, like in the picture.

Download anwhatsapp+9 Latest Version
Schedule messages

Additional Features

  • customize the widget.
  • Themes stores to change WhatsApp theme.
  • New option to control WhatsApp groups.
  • Send messages to unsaved numbers.
  • Save WhatsApp statuses.
  • Send more than 30 images at once.


Is ANWhatsApp+9 Safe and secure?

Yes, it’s safe and secure with strong encryption.

Is ANWhatsApp 9 Free?

Yes, It is free and you don’t need to pay anything to use it.

Does AN WhatsApp+9 collect personal data?

No, it doesn’t collect personal data since it is located on the same server as the official WA.

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