download kbwhatsapp 2022

Download KBWahtsApp 2022 Apk

There are many users who prefer using WhatsApp plus versions instead of the original WhatsApp due to its features, including privacy control and preventing messages from being deleted. One of the most popular versions is WhatsApp by alkasser called KB WhatsApp. When you download KBWhatsApp 2022 you can access unlimited features such as making your online status invisible and seeing other users’ statuses without them knowing.

What is KB WhatsApp 2022?

KBWhatsApp or KB WhatsApp apk is one of the versions of WhatsApp Plus, and there are four copies: kb WhatsApp black, kb WhatsApp red, kb WhatsApp blue, and kb4 WhatsApp. WhatsApp Black Alkasir 2022 is the most famous version, but all copies are identical except for the color of the icon. When you download kb WhatsApp, you will be able to schedule your messages, send messages to unsaved numbers, hide the blue ticks, and many other features that you won’t find on the original WhatsApp.

Download KBWhatsApp apk latest version 2022

KB WahtsApp Blue 

kb WhatsApp blue is an alternative version to official Whatsapp. Make sure to delete official Whatsapp before installing kb1 whatsapp.

KB WhatsApp Black

You can install kbwhatsapp+2 next to the official WhatsApp with a second number.

kb WhatsApp Red

You can install kb3 WhatsApp next to the official WhatsApp with a third number.

kbwhatsapp+4 Gold 

You can install kb WhatsApp 4 next to the official WhatsApp with a fourth number.

Info Download KBWhatsApp 2022

Update date 18/08/2022
Size53.8 MB

KB WhatsApp Update Latest Version 2022

  • Interact with any emoji you want by clicking a long click then click on the plus icon.
kb whatsapp download
react with emojis
  • New options to reject calls such as showing the users you are not connected to the internet.
  • Listen to voice notes in the background.
kb whatsapp download apk
listen to voice messages in the background

Features of kb WhatsApp Download

Controlling privacy:

 When you download KBWahtsApp, you will have more control over privacy. This means, for example, that you can see the view once media unlimited times, prevent deletion of messages and statuses, and view WhatsApp statuses without others knowing.

kb whatsapp black
Control Privacy

Switching accounts:

What makes KBWhatsApp unique is the ability to switch between accounts. You can switch between five accounts, which are five different numbers.

kb whatsapp red download
Switch between accounts in KBWhatsApp

Changing emoji: 

In addition to changing the type of emoji, you can also change the type of font, as there are five types of emoji you can select from. The most popular among users is theiPhone emoji.

download kb whatsapp
change emoji type

Customizing Home Screen:

The home screen can be customized as well as the top bar, the raws, the floating button, and the status interface.

kb whatsapp download apk
customize home screen

Save View Once in KB WhatsApp

It is now possible to view the photos and videos being sent to appear once without the other party knowing that you viewed them. If you want the other party to know that you saw the photo, click on the eye icon above.

kb whatsapp black
Seeing media more than once

With a WhatsApp lock, you can secure it with either a fingerprint, a pattern, or a secret code, and you can add a backup question to make the lock even more secure.

Other Features of KBWahtsApp:

  • Change the WhatsApp theme through the theme store.
  • Control the shape and color of the conversation screen by adjusting the upper bar and bubbles on the right.
  • Control the shape, color and location of notifications.
  • Add an automatic reply to messages and schedule messages.
  • Send more than 10 photos at once.
  • Raise the duration of the status to an hour.

Other WhatsApp Plus Version:


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