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Download AZWhatsApp Pro Latest version 2024

These days, app development is booming, especially in the field of WhatsApp Plus, where there are many Arab and foreign developers. One of these developers is Azer, who is known for his copies of WhatsApp AzerPro, which have many exclusive features that aren’t found in the official WhatsApp, such as hiding the last seen and only saving view once media. In this article, you can download AZWhatsApp Pro and learn about the features you will get when you install AZ WhatsApp.

What is Azer WhatsApp Pro?

AZWhatsApp is a modified version of the official WhatsApp by the Azerbaijani developer Azer. It comes in three copies that can be installed on your phone; the first one can be used as an alternative to official WhatsApp, and the second and third Work next to the original WhatsApp with a different number. Azer WhatsApp Pro is also very secure and provides high privacy for its users, and it carries exclusive and distinctive features such as hiding your last seen and downloading friends’ statuses. 

Download AZWhatsApp Apk Latest Version 2024

There are 3 Copies of AZ WhatsApp, they all are anti-ban, before downloading any of them don’t forget to turn on the option to download from unknown resources from your phone settings.

AZ WhatsApp

The first version is the alternative to the original WhatsApp, as the official WhatsApp must be deleted before installing it, and do not forget to make a backup so you will not lose your chats.


The second version works next to the official WhatsApp, but with a different number.


The third version works next to the official WhatsApp, but with a different number.

Info download AZWhatsApp apk

Update date 13/05/2023
Market Versionv2.23.1.76
Size57.5 MB

Update AZWhatsApp latest version 2024

  • In AZ WhatsApp, you can save view once media, and see it many times as you wish. You also can choose whether you want the other person to know that you have seen them or not by clicking on the eye icon.
download azwhatsapp
Save View Once
  • You can send photos and videos to more than one group at the same time.
download azwhatsapp apk
Broadcast Message to Groups

AZ WhatsApp Top Features

All the features we will talk about don’t exist in the original WhatsApp, you will only find them in Azer Pro WhatsApp.

Control Your Privacy

When you download aze whatsapp pro, you will have high levels of security, and the ability to control your privacy settings such as hiding last seen, preventing messages from being deleted, and so on.

download azwhatsapp
Privacy Settings

Lock Conversation

You can lock certain chats from others to intrude on it, from the three vertical dots on the right click on Lock Conversation.

download azwhatsapp latest version
Lock Conversation

Auto Reply Messages

From the settings choose Auto Reply and add the reply you want to send automatically when you are busy.

download azwhatsapp apk
Auto Reply

Azer Pro Themes

WhatsApp Azer pro has over a thousand themes, there is a store for them you can choose any theme you like for your WhatsApp.

download azwhatsapp latest version
Theme Store

Activate dark mode

You can activate the dark mode easily in az WhatsApp plus by pressing the crescent icon and only turning off the Internet in the app.

download azwhatsapp
Dark Mode

Is Azer WhatsApp Pro Secure?

Azerpro WhatsApp is an alternative to the official WhatsApp with additional features without changing the original code, the developer of Azer WhatsApp Pro work on the same servers as the official WhatsApp and the messages are encrypted from both sides without any possibility of decoding it from any developer or the official WhatsApp company, so Yes it’s secure.

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