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Download BH WhatsApp Anti Ban 2023

BH WhatsApp is one of the most famous versions of WhatsApp Plus by the developer Abu Ahmed. BH WhatsApp comes in three colorful versions that include great features that are not found in the official WhatsApp, such as saving Status and preventing others from deleting messages. We offer you direct links for all versions of BH WhatsApp 2023 learn how to download BH WhatsApp latest version V 7.60, and learn about its most famous features.

What is BH WhatsApp?

It is a modified app of the official WhatsApp by the developer Abu Ahmed that carries great features and you can use it for free. WhatsApp Abu Ahmed comes in three color versions, the first works as an alternative to the official WhatsApp, the second blue version is BH2 WhatsApp, and the third red version is BH3 WhatsApp. They all carry the same features but they have different colorful icons.

Download BH WhatsApp 2023 Apk Anti Ban

The new update of BHWhatsApp has more Anti-ban protection, especially for the repeated one-hour ban. DON’T delete the old version even if it is banned, just install the new update to not lose your chats.

Download BH WhatsApp

To download the first green version, you must delete the official WhatsApp.

Download BH2 WhatsApp

The blue version works next to the official WhatsApp and runs a second number.

Download BH3 WhatsApp

The red version works next to the official WhatsApp and runs a third number.

Info Download BH WhatsApp

Update date30/08/2023
DeveloperAbo Ahmad
Size52.1 MB

Update BH WhatsApp New Version V 7.60

  • The ability to edit sent messages.
    Download BH WhatsApp
  • View the contact history from the main screen.
  • Load custom font from phone: (Select “Custom” in font style, then use Load font option).
  • New design for sending messages to unsaved numbers.
    Download BH WhatsApp 2023
  • Mods Backup (Titanium) Updated Automatically Daily.
  • Enable proxy settings for WhatsApp banned countries.

Features of BH WhatsApp 2023

To show you the features, we used the second version of the app, but you can apply the features in all versions, as they have the same features.

Control your Privacy

You can view media that appears once unlimited times, hide checkmarks, and control who can call you.

Download BH WhatsApp apk
Control your Privacy

Five-minute Status

Unlike the official WhatsApp that allows you to post a 30-second video, on BH WhatsApp, you can post a five-minute video as a status.

 BH WhatsApp 2022
Five-minute Status

Theme Store

You will find a theme store with more than 4000 you can install on the app, and if you want to get more themes, you can go to the themes category on our site.

Update BH WhatsApp apk
Themes store

iPhone Emoji

If you want to get iPhone emojis, you can change the style of the emoji by going to the app settings> Style and feel. Also, if you want to get WhatsApp Plus in the iPhone theme, you can download WhatsApp iPhone for Android.

Download BH WhatsApp for Android

Text unsaved numbers

BH WhatsApp allows you to send messages and make calls to numbers that are not registered on your mobile.

BH WhatsApp 2022
Text unsaved Numbers

Other features of BHWhatsapp

  • Change the shape of WhatsApp status to be like Instagram status.
  • Download other’s status.
  • Backup in WhatsApp Plus.
  • Send a group message to several groups.
  • Change the look of the home screen and chat screen.
  • Activate the night mode and turn off the Internet within the app.

Is BH WhatsApp safe?

Yes, WhatsApp Abu Ahmed is completely secure, where no one can spy on your messages and calls. The app also gives you options to control your privacy, such as hiding the upload status button to prevent others from uploading your status. You can lock your WhatsApp as well.

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