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Download Alaskar WhatsApp Latest version 2023

WhatsApp Alaskar by Mahmoud Alaskar is one of WhatsApp plus versions that come with different colorful copies. Ak WhatsApp 2023 is really secure and no one can spy on your chats while using AK WhatsApp. In this post, you will learn how to download Alaskar WhatsApp and learn about the new features in the least WhatsApp Update.

What Is Ak WhatsApp?

Alaskar WhatsApp or WhatsApp ak is a modified version of the official WhatsApp that comes in five copies. The five copies come in different colors: WhatsApp Alaskar Gold, Alaskar Blue, Alaskar2 pink, Alaskar3 pink red, Alaskar4 green but they all share the same features that we are going to talk about below.

Download Ak WhatsApp 2023 apk

The developer has solved the ban issue so you can download it without any fear of being banned.

Download WhatsApp Alaskar Gold

This version works next to the official WhatsApp.

Alaskar1 Blue WhatsApp

This Copy of ak 1 whatsapp works next to the official WhatsApp.

Alaskar2 Pink WhatsApp

This version works next to the official WhatsApp and runs a second number.

Alaskar3 Red WhatsApp

This version works next to the official WhatsApp and runs a third number.

Alaskar4 Green WhatsApp

WhatsApp alaskar 4 works next to the official WhatsApp and runs a fourth number.

Info Alaska WhatsApp

Versionv6.40 v8.80
The developerMahmoud Alaskar
Update date01/09/2023
Size51 MB

How to download WhatsApp Alaskar?

  1. Click on the download button to download any copy you want.
  2. Enable the download from unknown sources. Phone Settings> Security> Enable the download from unknown sources.
  3. It takes time to download ak whatsapp 2023, then click on install.
  4. Enter your phone number and the activation code.

How to update WhatsApp Alaskar?

  1. Download the latest update to any copy from the button above.
  2. Don’t delete the current copy of ak WhatsApp apk.
  3. Click on install.
  4. Open the ak WhatsApp, and enjoy the new features in the Alaskar WhatsApp.

Ak WhatsApp Update New Version 2023

  • A new WhatsApp base
  • Backup and restore feature for media (images and videos). Go to FMWA > Universal > Backup and Restore.
    Download AKWhatsApp
  • Ability to pin messages in private chats and receive pinned messages from others.
    Update AKWhatsApp
  • Option to transfer chats between phones without using Google Drive (Settings > Chats).
  • Official locked conversations can be enabled by visiting the Chat Info page and selecting Lock.
  • Ability to link your WhatsApp account on four different devices.

Features Of AK WhatsApp

Save to Gallery

ak WhatsApp latest version allows you to save media to your gallery when the media visibility is turned off.

ak whatsapp 2022
Save to Gallery

Change the Theme of AK WhatsApp

Unlike the official WhatsApp, WhatsApp lets you change how the app looks like. It offers you a theme store full of different themes that you can install to your WhatsApp for free.

alaskar whatsapp
Themes store

Copy Media Caption

You can now copy the Caption of any photo or video that your friends or anyone share with you.

ak whatsapp apk download
Copy Media Caption

IOS Style

If you are a fan of the iPhone theme you can change your WhatsApp to look like WhatsApp iPhone. Just go to the app settings> Home screen> Home UL style>IOS Style. if you want to download WhatsApp comes by default with an iPhone theme, download Whatsapp MB.

ak whatsapp update
IOS Style

View All Messages in Groups

You can in any group view all messages that have been sent by any member, just tap long on the member’s name.

download alaskar whatsapp apk
View All Messages

Schedule your Messages

In WhatsApp, as you can see from the photo, you can schedule messages to be sent at a specific time of your choice.

download alaskar whatsapp
Schedule Messages

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