download whatsapp love stickers 2020

Download WhatsApp Love Stickers

WhatsApp stickers are so popular between Gen-Z and millennials for the fun they add to chattings, there are so many categories of theses stickers, in this article we teach you how to download WhatsApp love stickers from an awesome application that has romantic stickers.

Download WhatsApp Love Stickers App Apk

To enjoy the endless amount of stickers download the application WASticker for free, here we provided a direct link to download the application, because some users might not be able to download it from google play.

Size11 MB

Download WhatsApp Romantic Sticker

You don’t have to make your own stickers, the application WAStickers offers you a lot of packages of romantic and love stickers, as you can see the image below, there is a lot of sticker packages you can choose any package you like and add it to WhatsApp.

Download WhatsApp Love Stickers
WhatsApp Love Stickers

How Do You Add Love Stickers To WhatsApp?

The process is very easy, all you have to do is choose any package you liked, and then when you click on it, you will find a button below “Add to WhatsApp” just click on it, and will add the package to your WhatsApp immediately.

love stickers for whatsapp apk
Love Stickers for WhatsApp Plus

Can You Use WhatsApp Romantic Stickers for WhatsApp Plus?

If you use a version of WhatsApp Plus instead of the original WhatsApp, don’t worry you can totally use the love and romantic stickers on your WhatsApp, when you click on a package to add it to your WhatsApp, if you have more than one version of WhatsApp Plus, it will give you the option to choose which version you want to add the stickers to it, notice the image below, all you have to do is choose the copy of WhatsApp and then it will add it to your WhatsApp Plus.

Use WhatsApp Romantic Stickers
Add stickers to WhatsApp Plus

WAStickers Pros

  • Different packages of love stickers and romantic stickers.
  • Can work on both WhatsApp and WhatsApp Plus.
  • The application is easy to use, and is suitable for all ages.

WAStickers Cons

  • There is a lot of ads which does bother the user.
  • The application needs internet to save the stickers.
  • Only has 9 packages.

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