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Download WhatsApp NA4 V12.86 Apk 2023 Anti Ban

WhatsApp NA4 apk is one of the most beautiful WhatsApp versions among users. The whole app comes in the pink color that most users love to use. NA4 WhatsApp 2023 offers you amazing features so you can enjoy using the app with your friends. In this post, You can download Na4 WhatsApp latest version, and learn about the new NA4 WhatsApp Update, and the features of NA4WhatsApp.

What is NA4 WhatsApp?

Na4WhatsApp nasser is the fourth copy of the developer Nasser who has developed eight Na WhatsApp copies. The whole Na4 WhatsApp apk comes in pink color from the inside and also the icon of the app has a pink color. It carries many amazing features that are not included on the official WhatsApp such as saving view once media, reading deleted messages, etc.

Download NA4 WhatsApp Free apk 2023 Anti-ban

NA4 WhatsApp apk can be installed next to the official WhatsApp with a new number.

Info Download NA4 WhatsApp 2023 apk 

Update date14/04/2023
DeveloperNasser Al-Jaidi
Size51 MB

NA4WhatsApp Ban issue 2023

Nowadays, WhatsApp company starts to ban some users’ accounts so some users have been subjected to a permanent or temporary ban.

Download NA4 WhatsApp
WhatsApp temporarily banned

Temporary ban

Your account will be banned for a few hours or days, and a countdown timer will appear on the screen. The ban will be lifted automatically once the time finishes.

Things to do after lifting the temporary ban:

  • Be cautious when using the app by not sending too many messages.
  • Avoid forwarding and spam messages to all members all at once.
  • Update the app once the developer releases a new version.
  • As a team specialized in WhatsApp, we recommend using the official version during this time to avoid account bans. Here is the link to download official WhatsApp. Before uninstalling WhatsApp Plus, make sure to backup your data for future restoration

You can leave us a comment below to know your issue or reach us via telegram: WhatsApp plus channel.

Permanent ban

Update NA4WhatsApp
Permanent ban

If you’ve been permanently banned, the only way to regain access to your account is by contacting WhatsApp support or using a new number. You can reach technical support through the support page.

To learn more about how to restore your WhatsApp account, Visit: How To Activate Banned WhatsApp Number.

NA4 WhatsApp Install New Version 2023

  1. Click on the download button above to download NA4 WhatsApp Pink.
  2. Activate the download from unknown sources. Phone Settings> Security> Enable the download from outside sources.
  3. Click on na4 whatsapp app install.
  4. If a warning message appears, just skip it and click continue.
  5. Enter your phone number and enjoy the app.

If you want to know about the new updates to na4 whatsapp app, you can keep an eye on our telegram channel from WhatsApp Plus Updates.

NA4 WhatsApp Update New Version V12.86

Here are the new changes on na4 WhatsApp update 2023:

  • High protection from banning.
  • Flash Calls allows you to log into WhatsApp account without manually entering the six-digit.
    download na4whatsapp
  • New option to edit messages.
    download na4whatsapp anti ban
  • Option to hide camera icon from home top bar
  • Create your Avatar (Like bitmoji) for WhatsApp.
    download na4whatsapp anti ban
  • You can message yourself.

New Features of NA4 WhatsApp Pink

Main Home Screen

  • As you can see in the image, it comes in pink color.
  • There are additional icons that help you reach some features easily.
  • Activate the dark mode and turn off the internet from the app.
na4 whatsapp 2023
NA4 Home Screen

Ticks Style

If you feel bored with the normal ticks in your whatsApp chats, WhatsApp Na4 offers you a set of different ticks Styles. NA Settings >Conversation Screen> Bubble and ticks> Ticks Style.

download na4 whatsapp apk
Ticks Style

Instagram Stories

You can change na 4 whatsapp status to Instagram stories. From NA Settings< Home Settings> Header>Enable Instagram- Like Stories.

na4 whatsapp install
NA4 WhatsApp Status

IOS Emoji Style

One of the amazing features is the ability to change na 4 whatsapp emoji to IOS Style. NA Settings> Change Emojis Variant. And If you are a fan of WhatsApp Android which has an iPhone theme, Download Fouad WhatsApp iOS.

na4 whatsapp pink
IOS Emoji style

Save View Once Media

You can save View Once Media that your friends share with you and they will not know you saved it.

Download na4 whatsapp latest version
Save View Once Media

Theme Store

You can install pink themes on your na4 whatsapp pink in colour. All you have to do is to search for pink themes in the theme store.

download na4 whatsapp 2023
Pink Themes

Additional Features

  • View All Messages sent by a group member in groups.
  • Send Mass Messages.
  • Prevent others from deleting messages.
  • Send Message to unsaved number.
  • Control your Privacy.
The app has another copy that comes in black color. To download the app, Click on NAWhatsApp.


Will using Na4 WhatsApp get me banned from WhatsApp?

No, You will not be banned if you use it correctly and avoid using the same WhatsApp number.

Can I use Na4 WhatsApp on iOS?

No, Na4 WhatsApp is only available for Android devices.

What features does Na4 WhatsApp offer?

Na4 WhatsApp offers a variety of features not found in the official WhatsApp app. These include the ability to save view-once media, read deleted messages, and more customization options for the user interface.

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