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Download OB2WhatsApp Pink Latest Update 2024

Despite a large number of versions of WhatsApp Plus and its wide popularity, there are few of them that attract girls, what girls want most is a feminine version of WhatsApp Plus with pink themes, here we will introduce you to one of the most famous versions of WhatsApp Plus which is pink whatsapp plus, here you can download pink WhatsApp apk 2024. The version of WhatsApp Pink here is OB2WhatsApp.

What Is WhatsApp Pink?

WhatsApp Pink or OB2WhatsApp is a version for the famous developer Omar Batheeb, this version is designed for the girls because of the pink themes and cute interfaces the application has, it works next to the original WhatsApp with a different phone number.

Download Pink WhatsApp Apk 2024

OB2WhatsApp Pink works next to the original WhatsApp but with a different phone number.

Application Name OB2WhatsApp - wardi
Version 57
Last Update 08-01-2024
Size 77.76 MB

How to Download Pink WhatsApp?

If this is your first time to download WhatsApp pink, you need to enable the download from unknown resources. Go to Settings > Biometrics and security > Install unknown apps, and then install the app.

Then you can download WhatsApp pink latest version from the Pink WhatsApp link above.

OB2WhatsApp is a copy of many copies of OBWhatsApp or Omar WhatsApp, to get to know them: Download OBWhatsApp. There are four copies: Blue, Green, Burgandy, and Pink.

How to Download Pink GB WhatsApp?

If you have GBWgatsApp but you want to have it in Pink, then follow the next steps:

  1. GBWhatsApp Mods.
  2. Themes.
  3. Download Themes, this will open the Themes stores.

There are a lot of Pink Themes, choose any theme you want, and this way you will have Pink GB WhatsApp.

How to Update OB2WhatsApp Pink 2024

If you receive a message telling you to update OB WhatsApp Pink, then follow the next steps:

  1. Download the OB2WhatsApp Plus from the download button, and you will get the latest version of the new OB WhatsApp.
  2. From Omar Adds, click Updates and then Searching for new update, if there is a new one you can know from this option.

WhatsApp Pink Update V57

  • Download the videos on the status.
  • Get a notification when someone is typing a message to you.
  • Get a notification when your message got read.
  • You can convert videos into clips to share on your story
  • View edited messages and the time the messages were edited.
  • An icon next to “Edited” for users to notice.
  • Show Light/Night Mode (OBThemes)
  • Cut the statuses for more than 30 seconds and then display them in a full way as if they were one.

OB2WhatsApp Top Features

Unique Interface

The main interface in OB2WhatsApp is different from the original WhatsApp, you will notice there is:

  • The floating button, where you can access your contacts and the settings.
  • Dark mode.
  • Turn off the internet from WhatsApp.
download obwhatsapp2
Main Interface

Privacy Settings

  • Hide your online status and last seen.
  • Hide “forward message”.
  • Prevent deleting messages and statuses.
  • Hide blue ticks, second tick, “typing”, and “recording”.
  • Choose the people you want to call you.
download pink whatsapp
Privacy Settings

Lock Pink WhatsApp

You can lock your WhatsApp from the main interface, click on OB2WhatsApp, then choose the way you want to lock it.

download pink whatsapp latest version
Lock WhatsApp

Control Appearance

You can control the appearance of the lower and upper bar in WhatsApp, activate the story format such as Instagram, and more other options, you can control all that from Omar Adds.

pink whatsapp free download
Control Appearance

Auto reply and schedule messages

You can write an auto reply that can be sent to your contacts when you are busy, you can also schedule messages and send them in any time you like.

download ob2whatsapp
Auto Messages

How to fix the Crash issue on OB2WhatsApp?

To solve this issue, developers have released a fix update, and here is how to do it:

  1. Download the fix update for the version you are using from the link above.
  2. Do not delete the current version on your phone.
  3. Click on the downloaded file and click on update.
  4. Open the app, and you will find that the problem has been solved, and you can use the app as usual.

Download Other Pink WhatsApp Version:

OB2WhatsApp is not the only copy of WhatsApp Plus that is called Pink WhatsApp, here are two other copies of WhatsApp Plus that carry the Pink theme:


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