download whatsapp stickers 2020

Download WhatsApp Stickers, the best app for stickers

When you download WhatsApp stickers you will have so much fun while chatting with your friends, we chose an app that gives you a lot of different styles and kinds of stickers, the application has so many types of different stickers, choose the type you like and download it, you also can create your own unique stickers with your pictures.

Download WhatsApp stickers app for android

To enjoy the endless amount of stickers download the application for free.

Size27 MB

Download WhatsApp Sticker Packages

Without the need to make your own stickers, the app offers you a lot of packages of the stickers, as you can see the image below, either you go through them and choose, or search for the packages of stickers on the upper bar, each package of stickers has 30 stickers, click on it to add it to your WhatsApp, it will immediately be added to the stickers bar on WhatsApp.

download whatsapp stickers apk
WhatsApp Sticker Package

Funny WhatsApp Stickers 2022 also has single stickers you can add them to your WhatsApp one by one, the stickers vary from funny WhatsApp stickers to sad stickers, to different memes sticker, if you like a certain meme you can search it up and download it as a sticker.

download whatsapp stickers 2020
WhatsApp single stickers

Make your own Stickers

If you didn’t find any sticker you like from the ones the app offers you or you want to have some fun with your pictures or your friends’ pictures, you can make your own sticker, all you have to do is have an image of the sticker you want to make, and click Auto will make the app create the sticker for you, or you can click manual and you will be able to create the sticker the way you want to.

download whatsapp stickers for free
Create your own stickers

Can you use WhatsApp Stickers for WhatsApp Plus?

Don’t worry if you use WhatsApp Plus, you can use the application to save stickers and use them on any version of WhatsApp Plus.

Pros of

  • Different kinds of stickers: funny, sad, and romantic.
  • Can work on both WhatsApp and WhatsApp Plus.
  • You can make your own stickers.
  • The application is easy to use, and is suitable for all ages.

Cons of

  • The application needs internet to save the stickers.
  • It takes a long time to download the whole package of stickers.
  • Some users experienced crash in the app when they save stickers.

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