WhatsApp Blue

WhatsApp Blue is a name for more than one copy of WhatsApp Plus, they are different but they all carry the same name.

Some of the most popular WhatsApp blue copies are for:

OBWhatsApp, AlexMods WhatsApp, AGWhatsApp, Abo Arab WhatsApp, and KBWhatsApp.

All these copies are anti-ban and get updated regularly.

Also, they all have additional features to the original WhatsApp such as controlling privacy and changing the theme of WhatsApp.

In this tag, we offer you everything that is related to these versions, and we bring you all the updates for them.

You can find direct links to every copy of them for free.

download whatsapp plus blue 2022

WhatsApp Plus Blue is one of the most famous copies of WhatsApp Plus. The blue WhatsApp messenger is popular because of the many additional features it has and also because of the color and style of WhatsApp. Here in this …

download whatsapp plus blue 2022
By: Ayah 24/03/2024 New Apps 0

Khaled WhatsApp Blue is one of the most famous versions of WhatsApp Plus modified from the official WhatsApp. The Royal WhatsApp version of WhatsApp Plus is compatible with the WhatsApp Blue versions, Abu Arab and Assem, against the ban, without …

تحميل واتساب عمر الازرق

The blue version of OBWhatsApp is developed by Omar Badeeb, OB WhatsApp is one of the most famous versions of WhatsApp Plus, the application has many additional features that don’t exist in the original WhatsApp, such as download WhatsApp status, …

WhatsApp Abo Sadam is considered one of the amazing whatsApp plus versions as it comes in four different copies that you can use all of them at the same time. All WhatsApp abo Sadam copies are blue and carry amazing …

download whatsapp plus

If you are sick of WhatsApp exposing your online status or not being able to hide the second tick or saving your friends’ statuses and the list goes on about the features you wish WhatsApp has, then you must download …

تحميل gbwhatsapp3 الازرق

The popularity of the developer Abu Saddam has increased recently after he released several copies of WhatsApp GB, which you can download for free, unlike other developers who charge you money to download GB Whatsapp 2023. In this post, we …

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